INSIDE TRAINING: Crossing And Shooting Drill From All Angles -

INSIDE TRAINING: Crossing And Shooting Drill From All Angles

Norwich City Football Club
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Norwich City TV captured the crossing and shooting drill at the end of Thursday’s training session.


  1. I can not tell what you guys are doing?

  2. It’s hard to work out what’s actually happening from all the switching camera angles

  3. Its good to see smiles after that streak so Back in the business

  4. This video is labelled incorrectly. This isn't crossing and shooting drills, this is how we defend from set plays.

  5. what is the song/music that is in this video

  6. This is the beautiful game, take a look at my drills too

  7. I love how this just keeps the energy going for the pair up top. After the shot at the top of the box, looking to receive a corner is a very simple way to keep the drill going and the players engaged. Thanks!

  8. Please someone tell me what this song is

  9. Hey. Me fans norwich from indonesia.🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨

  10. Hi guy's I m liverpool fan ,, , as a champion of europe we respect all club, ,, good Norway, , keep it up😍

  11. Muy buena sesion, pesimo manejo de camaras, las tomas muy cercanas, los cambios de camara pesimos me mareo al verlo

  12. Does anyone can tell the name of the BGM in the video?

  13. Terrible camera work. Keep it longer from birds eye view…

  14. Pitty they didn't play like this in real game

  15. I personally respect for for such a great Trainer also I usually have this kind of Training ..

  16. Wow this is so Amizig training, I like this kind of sports.

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