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Japanese Shoot ‘Em Ups – JonTron

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Jon looks at some of the weirder games that the Japanese Shoot ‘Em Up genre has to offer.

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Writer/Actor/Director – Jon Jafari

Writer/Cinematography/Co-Editor – Paul ‘Pop Smear’ Ritchey :

Title Cards + Intro – Michael Azzi :

JonTron Logo : Keanu Modeseven Jones + Shane Gill of

Special Thanks to: Dominic Moschitti


  1. And now Zombie Nation is getting a Switch release

  2. This never gets old! Deffinitely one of the funniest JonTron videos!

  3. I remember Space Harrier and Fantasy zone in Yakuza games… turns out they were real

  4. Ah the good ol' days of youtube, back when Susan wasn't in charge

  5. Fun fact: opa opa made a reapperance in sonic and sega all star racing

  6. Binging all these videos again. Man have I loved these video gems!

  7. Some of these may look bad, but it's not as bad as Super Columbine Massacre RPG.

  8. I always come back to jontron, these late nights while the world is burning, ah…memories.

  9. ok but the zombie game is literally the japanificated plot of DCeased

  10. You ever think about doing stuff like this again?

  11. That first one fantasy zone that ship you play as is from sonic and sega all stars racing

  12. Man the last game make me laugh so hard when he's d come out i couldn't stop laughing

  13. I love kooky Japanese things, games, toys, cartoons, TV shows and commercials, it's all good stuff. There's never any hidden, political messaging and or propaganda, which is so nice for a change.

  14. that Painful Park game, or whatever it's called, had THE PLANTS FROM FRICKIN PLANTS v ZOMBIES!!

  15. Bit of a Japanese lesson here. The part about the Jerry=Jelly thing is probably correct. It's most likely a mistranslation, due to the fact that in loan words to mimic the "L" sound, the characters ラ, リ, ル, レ, or ロ are used due to a slight "L" sound in there pronunciation. But those characters are closer to an "R" sound(and end up being transliterated as ra, ri, ru, re, and ro) so are also used for that sound . So end result being that Jerry=ジェリー and Jelly=ジェリー (both pronounced jerii). Though jelly can also be spelt ジェリィ(which is pronounced the same as the pervious spelling.) and also ゼリー(Zerii).

  16. 9:13 That head is just "saving" America like America is "saving" other countries.

  17. And then there's Touhou Project, a ridiculously difficult shoot em up where cute girls shoot at each other.

  18. Hell yeah I found one I didn’t watch 15 times already in the last day

  19. Fantasy zone makes more sense than any of the parodius games 🤣🤣

  20. Basically he owns the most expensive and extremely overpriced shooters on those consoles

  21. 11:14

    "What did I just see? Was that Arnold Schwarzenegger with a comb-over sticking out his HR Giger dick?!"

  22. Random aside, the female character choice's name is "Ben Ten"

  23. Okay okay I’m fine no no I’m fine….. I’m not fine what the fuck is this shit

  24. JonTron giving these obscure games alot of attention, I feel proud of him.

  25. Remember when jontron reviewed video games? Its been so long since i felt true happiness

  26. hi we all know it isn't your first time here

  27. This opening Jontron – this is classic

  28. Can anyone ID the music used a couple times towards the beginning of the vid?

  29. Japan hasn't made a great game since the 80's.

  30. I just realized that there's the Hoen region in the title card.

  31. I remember playing Cho Aniki on the TurboGrafx CD back in the day. I had no idea it was also released on the PlayStation. It’s actually a pretty fun shoot em up even though it’s weird as hell.

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