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Jurassic Park Arcade Dinosaur Shooting game: level 2 T Rex captured

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Jurassic Park Arcade dinosaur shooting game level 2 – in this level you have to capture t-rex and take it to safety from volano island. In a meantime while pursuing it have to shoot dozen of raptors, then joins another t-rex…



  1. Very nice and entertaining game. I can't stop to watch how you are playing.

  2. Das ist toll gespielt Lucas +like 16* 💁‍♀️°°mit freundlichen Gruß , Marille°🐩

  3. Lots of fun, great game play. Big like and keep in touch my friend.

  4. Labas Lukai👋🙂
    Linkėjimai iš Lietuvos🤩👍👍🦕

  5. Good playgame, excellent review

  6. nice upoad dear , u r already in my friend list , stay connected

  7. Like 20 and FV. We also went to the arcade last Friday

  8. So nice arcade game my friend Luca! Big like 🙂

  9. Absolutely fabulous upload , very beautiful share 💝❤️👍🏻

  10. ゲームを楽しみましたね。迫力満点のゲームです。見ていて楽しかったです。良い一日をお過ごし下さい。

  11. awesome Jurassic Park Arcade Dinosaur Shooting game. keep sharing and stay connected big like

  12. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩🌹🌹

  13. น้องตะวัน ปั่นยิ้ม says:

    I like dinosaurs. I like the games you play. It's fun and exciting. My best friend.

  14. What a action pack fun game!✨👍👍😃😄

  15. Hello​ friend, nice​ video.​ Full​ watching.​ 😊😊😊🍀💵🍀💵🍀

  16. Very Nice Dinosaur Shooting Game👌👌 Enjoying Watching it👍

  17. Really INTERESTING! I Love watching it again and again, Dear Friend!

  18. Capturing a T Rex is truly an amazing accomplishment… just an awesome job.. i'm proud of you!

  19. Hello
    Good video GG +1 like and I have new my friend

  20. Great video! We also like such games)) Like))

  21. Actually this is more exciting than the movie😁 fun playing🦕

  22. A friendly Hello! With the beginning of spring🌼 🌸 🌞! View from us😉, waiting for a visit!

  23. Looks really a fun arcade. I'd play that game if I had the chance lol

  24. Lots of fun! We really enjoyed watching
    Thanks for sharing dear friend

  25. We enjoyed watching till the end
    See you around

  26. Very nice place to spent money 😂😍😎Good game 👌👍

  27. Wow… amazing dinosaurs… Good adventure, Lucas…..!!!

  28. Dzień Dobry! Bardzo ładna i ciekawa całość wideo:)

    Pozdrowienia zostawiam z kciukiem w górę – Miłej niedzieli życzę:)

  29. 👀+👍+❤️ from us! Check out our latest if you get a chance!


  31. ปังปอนด์ เจ้าสําราญ says:

    So nice arcade game my friend Luca! Big like

  32. Jurassic Park Arcade Dinosaur Shooting game: level 2 T Rex captured

  33. I remember the T. rex one I played that game maybe 3 times? But I like it cuz I like the T. rex and other dinosaurs but the circles are hard I keep dying on that when I played with my dad I played with him but I died and try again at the end I HATE THE DUMB ENDING OF THE T REX OF THE CAGE but have fun playing more hope you can beat the game more I think you should practice cuz you keep dying so yeah. BUT HAVE FUN 🙂

  34. This Is Awesome. Watching This Playthrough Makes Me Wanna Play It. 😍🤩🥰❤

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