Just a pellet gun with a smell #realestate #guns #texaslaw #shootinggames - grsgames.com

Just a pellet gun with a smell #realestate #guns #texaslaw #shootinggames

Roughneck 2 Real Estate
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COREY THOMPSON made a simple choice in 2014: either let his savings and toys go to waste or get back to work. He worked hard and became recognized as the best at what he did – mostly because he was willing to show up and do what others were unwilling to do.
He now is known for his creativity in marketing and offers classes to help you get your first deal. From building multi-million dollar apartment complex deals to buying $5,000 burned-out crack shacks, Corey does it all when it comes to real estate.


  1. I don't know what he hit but you can hear that bullet ricochet off something!!!

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