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  1. This is amazing. After watching Top Gun Maverick, I've been really interested in fighter jets.

  2. Had a good chuckle watching you land in 3rd person 🤣 give you credit for doing that, couldn't imagine trying that in DCS World. If you want to really feel like an F 18 pilot come check it out. I've been on there for 2+ years now, and the experience is AMAZING!

  3. Why does nate diaz get butt hurt? Hes alway on his rag. Payday…

  4. You also want to land later than where you were landing. If you are on the correct AOA, your hook should strike first. You never want to land before the wires.

  5. Game sucks cant crash in a Fire blaze not Realistic crap. Yo

  6. what equipment must i buy to play this game? how much does it cost?

  7. Green? You mean the shirt? Where on Amazon did you get that shirt?:(🤓

  8. any one else think he looks like a weird version of that guy that was making fun of rooster Sorry that i dont remember his name

  9. “Callsign T-rex”
    No you look more like Bob

  10. Military jets are usually the only thing I fly in this game lol

  11. Has anyone told you that you look like hand man

  12. low key he looks a little like Bob…👀🤣

  13. where can i buy the real life throttle you connect to your pc

  14. This looks like so much fun. Getting a new gaming pc soon and can wait to try it out 🥹

  15. Also the little metal thing that hangs down that you have to catch the wire is called a tail hook

  16. For people who want to feel the jet fighter on their iphone there is a game called Armed Air Forces

  17. When you land with those jets you have to kind of invert the controls. The stick is used to go left/right and fast/slow, while the throttle is used to go up and down.
    The idea is to set your plane up for that the AoA indicator (the 2 arrows and the circle) shows the circle. You do that with the trim (up/down). When it is there, don't move your stick forward/backwards again.

    The mirror (displayed on top) in there to tell your altitude relative to the glide path, the trajectory you need to have to touch at the right spot on the deck.
    If you need to go up, increase thrust ; if you need to go down, decrease thrust. There is no sweet spot, you will be constantly adjusting the thrust.

    On the contrary, be very gentle with the stick. You'll mainly lightly adjusting left/right. If you need to adjust AoA, do it with the trim but don't chase it. Leave the plane be, it is designed to stabilize itself. Put it in the good AoA (the circle) with the trim and you're good.

    Lastly, you see just under the carrier deck a light. It gives you your alignment to the landing strip.
    You don't hit the deck in the same direction of the boat but roughly 9-10 degrees left.

    That light is telling you what to do :

    Red flashing – you are far left,
    Red solid – you are a little left,
    Orange – you are good on center,
    Green solid – you are little bit right,
    Flashing green – you are far right.

    The quicker it flashes, the further you are from the centerline of the landing strip (and NOT the direction of the boat)

    And of course, as soon as you hit the deck you go full burner in case you miss the wires (which is called "bolter") or the wire snaps.

    Don't eyeball the deck, always look at your AoA, the mirror and the alignment light … you cross check everything until touchdown, especially the mirror. Touchdown has to happen almost as a surprise and you keep full thrust until the plane is no longer going forward.

  18. You look like you could be in the top gun movie

  19. the game: "we will practice in the clouds for safety."
    my dcs brain: laughs "amateur"

  20. Tmartn when did you get so jacked? Last time I watched one of your videos you had 300k subs and was playing botw

  21. Константин Звездинов says:

    Ace combat 7 skies 🤣🤣🤣👍. Ps one Namcom 1-2-3 1997-2000

  22. 😆 I'm listening to Top Gun soundtrack and I'm watching this at the same time.

  23. Can you try flight gear plane simulator? I’m have a little trouble with the sim though but I think your ready for the sim

  24. Him: let's see if this bird can fly
    Me:nooo!,it can run

  25. Oh yeah! I have been waiting for this module. This is great : ) Thanks for reviewing it! A spirited flight Bro : ) GJ!

  26. hey everyone!
    to score A.
    you need to catch wire3# not 1#(eazyier in 1st view to spot and catch it)
    stay on 200 knots (from when the guiding ball indicator shows – but just keep it from the beginig
    and try to stay with the right altitude with the guide much as you can
    and some patience 2 or 3 tries should do it.

    love your videos, great vibe!
    keep stream like it pure fun!

  27. I've managed to get an A on every section other than the aircraft carrier landing. I only rate at C no matter what I do.

  28. Top gun Maverick the movie the second one that’s the reason why I’m watching this video because I just fell in love with Jett after I watched that I can’t believe those two survived those crashes

  29. Top gun Maverick the movie the second one that’s the reason why I’m watching this video because I just fell in love with Jett after I watched that I can’t believe those two survived those crashes

  30. Use trim for pitch and throttle for rate of descent. AOA needs to remain constant, on the Orange Circle. MIL is full power, it's needed if you miss a cable, a cable snaps or the hook comes free or whatever, then you will already be ready to take off instead of plummeting into the sea as you fly off the end of the carrier. As soon as you hit the deck apply full power

  31. MIL, or Military Power, is 100% throttle but without afterburners. Basically when you hit the carrier deck you want to jam the throttle to 100% because if you miss a wire, you want to be at full power to take off at the other end of the deck.

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