Large-Scale Shooter Games that do Battlefield but BETTER! -

Large-Scale Shooter Games that do Battlefield but BETTER!

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  1. Planetside 2 – When the game was first released it was absolute crap, but now it’s a very complete and flushed out game. it’s very good and pleasing to the eye despite its age. This game also uses dynamic cone of fire to make accuracy more circumstantially realistic.

    The “pay 2 win” aspect of Planetside is in its cosmetics and the nature of grinding. Certs are the in-game currency, and earning 1000 of them is a simple grind if you know how to kill and farm efficiently. If you’re good at the game, getting enough to afford a new weapon or class upgrade isn’t that hard or time-consuming. For newbies, however, it seems like an absurd pricetag and so they tend to assume the devs are baiting them into buying with real money instead. That’s not really the case, that pricetag is reasonable when you know how to chain kills and farm XP. The only thing you can’t get with earnable currency is cosmetics — like a badass new helmet or body armor. Membership also exists, and members get to cut to the front of the line when players are waiting in queue to transfer to another continent. The queues/lines only exist if a continent has reached its population threshold and is still receiving a large number of players– it’s how the devs manage overflowing. Paying membership subscription to the devs used to be a percentage thing and Daybreak Co. would get that money, but the devs are separate from Daybreak now and Membership subscriptions support the devs directly, so it’s a good cause, really, and it pays them well enough to continue developing the game on top of their lifelong mission to optimize an absurdly power-hungry and graphics-heavy game lol.

    The “mega-warship” you talk about is called the Bastion Fleet Carrier and it can seat 48 players inside, 8 of them being gunners. Players exit the bastion by deploying their own VTOL fighter (called “Interceptors”) from the Bastion. Bastions take time to construct, and each outfit (or *clan*, in other games) can have a Bastion of their own. When it’s deployed, it materializes above the Warpgate (your faction HQ) and if it survives for an hour above the battlefield (bastions get exactly 1 hour of uptime) you get to see it ascend into the sky and “return to orbit.” Seeing it get destroyed is also a really satisfying spectacle, tho, especially when it’s an enemy’s bastion.

    There are also Colossus tanks, which are specifically made for shooting Bastions down and/or just keeping pressure on them.

    Because the game is so old, a lot of the new and old code conflict and create some comical bugs (and occasionally exploits), like wacky reload animations and shooting your sidearm while your primary is in your hands. Because of this, we refer to the game as “Spaghetti code”… someone even managed to pull an ESF (Empire-specific Fighter) upside down and fly it with the controls inverted – granted he was trying to break the game, so ofc he’d find something wrong.

  2. If you are going to make videos like this put time stamps of the games people do not want to sit through all this bs,

  3. I love RS2s delayed killfeed, it makes it less about if you got the kill and more is the threat taken care of

  4. rising storm has modded servers for 128 players

  5. Just start playing Bad company 2 again if you want the best!

  6. Something like Planetside could be nice with a different setting. WW1 or WW2 would be great.

  7. Can't wait for SWBF on new frostbite engine 😉

  8. And only like two are console games. Suckssss

  9. Ea turns things into sh!t. Mostly i played bf3 but i did like bf bad company n bf4 rest of them are out of the track. Cant care anymore .

  10. planetside 2 is old yeah but still looks great in my opinion

  11. Woah, holdup a minute – that delay kills feet from Rising Storm is genius, it should be everywhere :O

  12. Gave a like simply from the corvette comment

  13. DREW ONE of these is available on Xbox AND ITS NOT A FPS ITS THIRD PERSON THIS WAS ZERO HELP!!!

  14. Rising Storm 2 is about 3.59 or 4 USD on CDkeys right now, pick up a key for sure. If you want to directly support the developers, it is about 15 or 20 on Steam, keep in mind 30% of that will go to Steam/Valve. Either way, im pretty sure the developers gain regardless. They have just released their last major update and are working on the next game in the franchise. However, they still plan on keeping rising storm 2 alive and keeping official servers active.

  15. Hell Let Loose is anything but arcadey. You probably tried it by now though. 6:09

  16. Would love to play squad on XSX, I know the amount of commands would make games like Squad and Arma3 difficult but I also think that in that case a secondary “controller” or mini keyboard device or a wheel system could be cool to allow the port to be easy.

  17. nothing is better than battlefield you nerd

  18. I suggest "Enlisted", I think it is a good WW2 Game, it is free, 20 GB only, and the battlefields are good

  19. as battlefield player My problem with Squad is it’s very slow Second
    I Can’t Spot players , it’s very hard to spot players

    It’s like the enemy Can see me but I Can’t see him

  20. Rising Storm 2 is one of the best shooters going.

  21. Squad could use ai it will keep the game alive for a longer period.

  22. Not too hard to do better with battlefield 5 lmao

  23. One wish I have is any of these mil sim games were on console cause I’m too broke to buy a PC

  24. nobody does destruction or chaos like battlefield… EXCEPT for hell let loose on the "chaos" part. I've been hunting for war game that scale on battlefield's level of destro and have yet to find any. As far as shooting games better than battlefield… carry on.

  25. Hell let Loose being "arcadey" is a bad thing why? 90% of the games you listed were hardcore realism games. Something Battlefield never was.

  26. Planetside 3 is about to be ridonculous…if it ever comes out

  27. Squad needs to reorganize it's squad mechanics. Why tf do we need to drive trucks? A match should be fun, and if you're game sidelines players for the sake of the others, it's a bad system. Also I think I remember DemoRanch talking about your channel being new a few years ago. Congratz on the following!

  28. 1. Squad: Nope not even close.
    2. PS: Nope still not even close.
    3. HLL: Nope are you even trying to get similar games?
    4. PL2: Hard to tell. I've never played PL2 but and a game with character progression doesn't exactly sound like Battlefield…
    5. RS2: Vietnam: At this point I have my doubts you've done more than look at 30 seconds of gameplay of Battlefield…
    6. Battlefront 2: This has to be some sort of fluke. You actually chose a game that has similar gameplay to Battlefield?!
    7. Insurgency: Should have just ended it with Battlefront.
    Overall this video is awful. He just typed in "Nnenewwww fffurst persoonnn sheuutters" into Google and chose whatever came up. I'm surprised DayZ, Forknife, PUBG, and CoD isn't on this list.

  29. If you don’t have Hell Let Loose I’m unsubbing

  30. this video is now redundent with 2042 in the works….

  31. bf4 is full of hackers and sweatlords tho

  32. None of these are even close to touching Battlefield, don't waste ya time.

  33. i love Verdun, check it out if you like battlefield

  34. friend got me to get HLL. I instantly placed it in-between RS2 and Squad imho. Great game

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