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Let Your Kids Play First Person Shooter Games | Zander Clay | TEDxRundleAcademy

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What can a kid actually learn from playing video games? You would be surprised. In this funny and factual talk Zander Clay talks about the cognitive and social benefits he gains by playing video games.

Zander Clay is a grade 8 student who loves to play video games. But he also love sports, school, his friends and his family. That is the point. Zander is a typical teenage boy who wants the world (mostly adult) to understand that video gaming is a legitimate activity that teaches him as many life skills as does school or playing sports.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


  1. Out of everyone you picked KennyS the best sniper in CS:GO.

  2. This is why I've managed to not Rip and Tear humanity.

  3. My mom lets me play whatever games I want but dang

  4. I showed this to my mom Now i have to play roblox ☹️😂

  5. Do yall have any suggestions for shooters that are either T or E because i dont like blood

  6. Violent video games don’t cause violence but, there are some children that become dweebs due to violent video-games. Children hanging out with the wrong crowd or failure to teach a child to distinguish right from wrong causes violence. Dweebs are not bad people, they are just happy with having a sparseness of friends and able to live a healthy life. Some of the smartest people such as inventors and classical music composers are dweebs.

  7. Csgo would probably make your kids rage.

  8. Can't you improve your hand eye coordination with things, that aren't encouraging violence, like tennis? And why would someone Need to make decicions faster? Perhaps so that they could decide to shoot their annoying wife (etc) faster (they shoot people in the games, right?)?


  10. My teacher thinks video games are a waste of time bUT TAKE THAT

  11. ohhhohohoho… you sir, have made many karens, bible thumpers, and boomers verry mad!

  12. This is why am super quite cause i fuging play fps shooter even u force ur fuging kid to be childish just let them play cause they will learn but not fortnite bro

  13. Let your kids Play first person shooters, and then let them hope to live off the government with untransferable skills

  14. This kid: good at games

    Me: struggles to get 10 kills in a shooter

  15. Love this speak bro! Great job! Games are Good! Check out my livestream Twitch OV3RHEAT or subscribe my Youtube channel for Gamestreams 😉

  16. ok, games like csgo don't make your children more violent, but they arent helpful In the real world.

  17. This is the exact reason the “no,no, let him continue” meme was created

  18. I guess everybody here would agree that it would not be fair to always talk about that pretty small minority of kids that suffer serious damage in one way or another from too much gaming.
    But then we should also agree that it is not fair to always talk about the equally small minority of kids who make serious money with gaming.
    And for the social aspect: everybody who ever played a game like CS at least half-competitive knows, that the social benefits only come as long as you're good enough. If you dont meet the threshold it's more like "Go find some place else, we dont want you here no more." The most important thing is always "Can you serve the purpose? If not: there is the door."

  19. Who like this video before even watching it?

  20. i learned the kinds of guns from playing shooter games when i was 8 AND MY PARENTS NEVER FRIKKING KNEW

    but now i forgot since i only watch memes and people fight on discord

  21. yeah now lets see that study that showed how shooter games reduce gray matter in the brain

  22. Napoleonic British Officer Threatens You says:

    Yes, it is ok to play games. But you can't just do it all the time unless it's your profession. It's fine as a hobby, just don't get addicted. Playing too much could give you some headaches, nausea, or even stroke in the long term. Also, don't be toxic in video games please, I hate it when people are like that.

  23. No thanks, plenty of research has come out since this kids TedTalk that proves FPS atrophies grey matter in key areas of the brain. You wanna gamble with that, have fun but it's going to be a massive taxpayer burden in another couple decades. Healthcare spending for people who decayed their brain is going to get astronomical when you have people priming themselves for early dementia.

  24. I agree with this. but the people who need to change are the people who play games 24/7 without doing ANY physical activity. they are the one making gaming look bad.

  25. this is nice and all but no one wants to play with kids in any type of fps game they are so annoying

  26. i feel lucky that my dad understand me

  27. This is a good talk but this guy just goes ⬆️↗️⬆️↖️⬆️↗️⬆️↖️⬆️↗️

  28. I love games too, but it is different with my 2 kids. My eldest just like some, but very focused on school work, out of her own. My youngest loves games, very intelligent, but seems to portray a sign of addiction towards some games. Trying to tear her off sometimes results in mayhem and often violent episodes. All I am saying, watch out. Makes me scared sometimes. They are not all the same.
    There is much more to life than technology also.

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