LIGHT GUN shooting games for Oculus Quest. Play classic light gun shooters on your Quest for free! -

LIGHT GUN shooting games for Oculus Quest. Play classic light gun shooters on your Quest for free!

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The Oculus Quest is a good device for light gun games as the controller acts as a great light gun. You can get many light gun games working on your Quest for free and without need to connect to a PC. They can be installed on your Quest directly and you can be ready to go in minutes. In this video I will show you three ways to install and play light gun games on your Quest and show you some of the great light gun shooters I have been playing. Let me know what light gun games you want to play in the comments below.

APK Pure website:

Guide to installing Retroarch:

Retroarch website showing list of touchscreen enabled emulators:

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  1. SEE THIS COMMENT FOR LIST OF TESTED GAMES/EMULATORS. I am continuing to test different Roms and emulators and plan to do a Part 2 for this video. I have listed the titles all the games I am playing in the video and have found to work and listed them below. Feel free to reply to this comment with games/emulators you have tried and tested:Android Games form APK Pure1. Duck Hunt2. Major Mayhem3. Mad Bullets4. Grand Shooter5. Over TouchMAME Games running on MAME4droid (0.139u1)1. Jurassic Park2. Lethal Enforcers3. Point Blank4. Alien 3: The GunNES Games running on FCEUmm in Retroarch:1. Duck Hunt2. Mechanized attack3. Operation Wolf4. Wild Gunman

  2. tryin to play time crisis on psx, but my only problem is i cant press 2 places at once. the touch method still works, im using retroarch

  3. Cool video man 😎 imma have to try this out right after so get done with HL: Alyx

  4. how do we know which games work on the quest? is there a search feature?

  5. To bad the controller isn't a light gun where you aim and the game is on a big screen arcade setup that would be awesome. kind of like emu vr but on the quest!

  6. Great video's.. can you keep showing us more emulators you can play on the oculus quest and some games with wirless controller..thank you

  7. got it working its great just can't figure out how to reload on lethal enforcers and ideas lol

  8. What legal roms and drm free light gun games out there ? Jesus loves you !

  9. LET ME FIND OUT I CAN PLAY VIRTUA COP ON MY QUEST. the demo virtua cop 2 was the very first video game i owned ever when i was like… 6.. im 31 now. Im subbing just for that.

  10. Do you play Operation Wolf on MAME4Droid?
    I'm loving that, the aim precision is good, as good as I had hoped.
    But – I have no idea how to fire the grenades.

    Do you know if that has to be mapped somewhere for the Quest controller to be able to fire those?

  11. Thank you for the video. Have you tried any of the dreamcast light gun games like House of the Dead 2 or Virtua Cop 2?

  12. this seems easier…thanks for the video..I so want to play lethal enforcers 2

  13. hi there, is there any method that works with playing arcade games that run on windows PC's (Not an emulator like retroarch) for light gun games in VR?

  14. I've got a good hypothesis to experiment with: Can you dual wield a synced bluetooth controller AND Quest controller for one particular NES game that has functionality for both, The Adventures Of Bayou Billy. I mean, hypothetically, it should work, right? Run it through Retroarch, enable touchscreen lightgun settings, make sure bluetooth controller is synced & active, you SHOULD be good to go.

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