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Looter Shooter games are the Future…

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An analysis of why the “looter shooter” game genre is so fun and exciting…

Created by AquaFPS & @HarktheUmpire
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  1. Yo console Bois looking for a looter shooter, the only available one to us that I'm aware of is Cod. Does anyone know of a different one?

  2. This is an awesome video. There are so many callouts to the legends of the PvP genre.

  3. bruh thats not looter shooters.. looter shooters are fps games with rpg elements like borderlands, destiny, outriders and so on.. tarkov is not..

  4. Play COD tarkov or warzone dmz whatever same shit

  5. Aqua lookin like he's ready to replace Hugh Jackman as wolverine

  6. is this standing schtick… is that General Sam influencing your video styles?

  7. You should try Zero Sievert. Great Tarkov-like although only PvE

  8. Homeless man explains why and how he's been addicted to weaponized brain chemistry.

  9. Ur vid from 13 years ago got recomended to me

  10. Extraction Royale pls, Dark and Darker is not a shooter, not every extraction game is fps/shooter so we call them Extraction Royale like Battle Royales

  11. hunt showdown getting absolutely no love lol

  12. @AquaFPS I like the way you tell stories / describe the games. No fluff, real experiences. It would be cool to get a monthly recap series of games that month(s). Something to look forward to every month. Maybe you and your dudes get together, have some beer and do a show on it?

  13. This is like a book report written for extra credit.

  14. Marauders is badass, but ruined by cheaters. You can't have a high stakes survival game without pristine cheat control. Sad.

  15. These are survival games. Specifically Extraction survival, as opposed to the Sandbox survivals like Rust, Day-X, Conan Exiles.

  16. when you say looter shooter i think of borderlands and destiny i thought they were called extract shooters great video tho

  17. Echoing mic effects are vest used in loot shoot even scoot anyway I had a great time writing this ….. just abrupt violent speech is key the more it makes less sense the better it's to confusing and sudden

  18. I as a weak little 5ft2" egg can shoot an ar15 flat, why can't my russian, military trained muscle man shoot it somewhat gay?

  19. You think it’s satisfying to kill a player in a looter shooter. Try online raiding a base in a survival game that a group of people have worked on for months. That’s where the real dopamine is. Nothing better.

  20. Nice analysis, Aqua. I really, REALLY want to like extraction shooters, but I find that there's a few flaws I can't get past.
    Firstly, the zero-to-hero aspect. Joining a game like this immediately puts you at massive disadvantages, since your competition not only has a better understanding of the game's mechanics, but ALSO has better armor than you, better ammo than you, and 23 attachments on their gun and already knows every angle to peek at you from to doink you before you even realize they exist. I feel like some kind of level-based matchmaking is in order, or better yet, make the beginning zones NPC only with low-tier loot, which would give new players a real chance to get acclimated to the tools of the trade without some dirty extract camper or level 100 professional rat hiding in a corner doming them. Hell, I've been playing the SPTarkov mod for a couple of weeks now and I haven't enjoyed the game more. I still suck at the game, but it feels a lot more fair to me

  21. Wow! besides the laughs, I got some serious analizying on cod dmz, MUCH APPRECIATED sir aqua
    props from Italy <3

  22. I think the better way of saying rip-offs are fine is that they can't just continue to copy the original they will start to diverge and become a completely different game. They may become what the original is unable to, and that which you prefer.

  23. The fact is tarkov wasn't even the first big looter shooter 🤣 makes me laugh when kids always say tarkov is the first one

  24. Aqua looks like he would try to buy grapes from a lemonade stand

  25. If yah want a good Extraction shooter, play Vigor. It's free on all consoles. I call it the poor man's tarkov 😂

  26. When you dont have a scrip made for the video. lol

  27. These games are basically a mix of gambling and a fps. Perfect addiction combination.

  28. You shouldent say Extraction shooter just say Marriage or to Marry or to get Married.

  29. Repetitive, micro transactions for 8y old bullshit games are the future. Actually there is no future. Play on console if you don't want a will to live

  30. Everquest had some PvP servers that allowed some looting. It was thrilling…

  31. you are just addicted to gambling, but in a walled garden. where the coins dont matter.

  32. So your just doing generals sams thing now?

  33. I really been enjoying marauders really fun game so far I tried tarkov very difficult game which there is nothing wrong with that but I do enjoy it might give it a try again on the next wipe but yeah I have been playing marauders and enjoy every min of it

  34. lost my shit when he like "this is all over the place. im so sorry" 🤣

  35. Rust has raiding and building and tarkov has shitty mechanics and gameplay. BSG devs are actually retarded college dropouts and Nikita doesn't even play his own games. Will I even miss looter shooters when they die out? Probably not.

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