Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond On Oculus Meta Quest 2 | The Best WW2 VR Game? -

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond On Oculus Meta Quest 2 | The Best WW2 VR Game?

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Here’s my review of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond on the Oculus Meta Quest 2. I am going to show you VR gameplay of the Omaha beach invasion and I will be telling you if you should be buying this WW2 game or not.


0:00 – Medal of Honor VR Introduction
0:49 – Medal of Honor VR: Omaha Beach Invasion Gameplay
12:13 – Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Review

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  1. Is it a pc game because l carnt find it on oculus store

  2. You need a PC to play this, why not show games you can play on the quest 2 standalone..clickbait

  3. I was really wish it was available on the base quest 2 without having to have the computer setup

  4. Imo best vr game,but you going to need at least a rx 5700xt or rtx2070 super

  5. $60. Bucks, you're right it's ah lot ah dough. However my biggest problem is "where the hell is it? Oculus app has nothing about it. "Has it been released??? Thanks for a great review. Hoyea!

  6. The game have the same ww2 guns form pavlov

  7. it not real it fake i was on my. Vr and i typ it i not real

  8. I can't find this game on my oculus quest 2 😭😭😭😭

  9. Question ❓ what it is available on oculus quest 2

  10. Я рубился с начала MOH не с PS а на ПК во все старые версии это было отлично а финал классный был Medal of Honor Airborne в 2007 году.

  11. When I search it on the oculus store I can’t find it I want to get it

  12. It is necessary to play on your PC this Game? Or just with the Oculus Quest 2 ? Thank yall

  13. that's the quietest land invasion ive ever heard

  14. I busted out lagging at ur hand when you said GO GO GOOOO

  15. I didn't realize TDK was around during WWII.

  16. So tempted to get a quest. Is it really as good as it looks? I had a psvr but the resolution was so grainy.

  17. I think online fps multiplayer modes for vr should be free. At least until we have playerbases going. 99% of games have really decent multiplayer but i feel like the paywall discourages a lot people from trying it. I’d love to try this multiplayer. But I’m not spending £50 if it’s dead lol. I always remember Space Junkies. I absolutely loved it but it just didn’t get the marketing it needed. Space Junkies could easily come back as free to play.

  18. Why your weapon is shaking a lot ho can you accurate ? :<

  19. I remember playing this game on the 360 when I was really young even watching it in be brings back so many memories

  20. That D-Day section feels extremely empty. I feel like it needs a lot more people. More bodies, more gunfire, more soldiers left and right.

  21. Hi, do you have save data? can you upload it please?

  22. The 'up the beach' part was just strange, I mean why blow up beach obstacles that are high and dry and no danger to anyone? And the bloke dragging the dinghy full of explosives WTF.

  23. Why are you plugged in? Is it not a standalone game for oculus and you need a computer to run it?

  24. Lmfao this shit isn't even out yet months later

  25. I literally can’t install this I need a solution immediately

  26. Wish this was on playstation 4 but not into a vr game I'm just saying because I'm not a fan but I do like watching some one playing vr because I know I would suck at it 😂

  27. that was 11 months ago and you called it meta quest 2

  28. Hi there i am disabled and unfortunately cannot stand would i be able to use the Oculus Meta Quest 2 ?

  29. Did the title get a name change? I feel like the meta quest hasn’t been out for long I’m questioning my sanity

  30. Does anyone know how long the training lasts (advice). Is there an option to stop training and move on.

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