NBA Perfect Shooting Games -

NBA Perfect Shooting Games

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it’s rare for a perfect shooting game to happen but it’s not impossible there has been 65 perfect shooting games with +10 shots attempted

Pau Gasol 10-10
Serge Ibaka 11-11
Serge Ibaka 12-12
Nene 12-12
Tony Allen 12-12

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NBA perfect shooting games
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  1. NBA Role Players taking over. Just my suggestion lol

  2. Do best elimination game performances

  3. I just love jlookis outro Rich chiggas mariachi band for post malone and russ

  4. Kyrie Irving perfect shooting game vs Seth curry

  5. best plays from cavs and warriors in regular season

  6. Pau gaso l 10/10 back when the warriors actually lost lol …good times good times

  7. Jlooki you should do Impressive Nba 360 shots.

  8. you forgot russell westbrooks but still a great video i love your videos

  9. Unexpected Game Winners or Buzzer Beaters?

  10. I've got a few ideas:
    NBA double alley-oops(Idk if theres enough to make a video)

    Best NBA performances after getting injured

    Best NBA peformances after getting ejected/suspended

    Highest scoring games by NBA players under 20 yrs old

    Btw i do not know if he made any of these videos already

  11. You should do best buzzer beaters or have you already done that idk

  12. bro do the franchises that pay more for they players like heat or grizzlies

  13. the pau gasol video was when gsw had no fans at all. tbt when nba fans were smart (some still are but most rnt cus bandwagoners)

  14. Ibaka is so underrated one of the best defender and a decent scorer

  15. Tony was 12 for 12 and the grizzlies were down 3 with two and half minutes to go and he didn't take another shot? That's pretty crazy.

  16. Nene not even a all star and he does that to okc really okc I'm a cavs fan tho

  17. James can hit 12/12 regular season but can't hit 7/12 in the playoffs 😂 choking ass i swear

  18. Idk what is it with me but I find your outro so intriguing to me 🤣🤣

  19. Perfect game is baseball is much harder

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