NBA Perfect Shooting Games -

NBA Perfect Shooting Games

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it’s rare for a perfect shooting game to happen but it’s not impossible there has been 65 perfect shooting games with +10 shots attempted

Pau Gasol 10-10
Serge Ibaka 11-11
Serge Ibaka 12-12
Nene 12-12
Tony Allen 12-12

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NBA perfect shooting games
NBA perfect shooting performance

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  1. 3:11 tony allen made sure to dunk it at the same place he missed 4 lay ups.

  2. How could forget Westbrook? Like I know its only 6-6 but still

  3. Where is JaVale McGee perfect shooting night against the Trailblazers???

  4. Do NBA games where they were like 0 for something so like NBA 0 field goals made games and show all the misses

  5. Game winners you didnt think was going in

  6. What is the song at the end of your video.

  7. Look back at Warriors then, and look at them now. On the other hand, look at the Lakers then, and look at them now.

  8. Guys go to Matt ox overwhelming and read jlookis comment

  9. Can someone tell me the intro and outro songs?

  10. Best games coming from players off the bench.

  11. Cómo se llama la canción de la intro??

  12. You should upload a best playoff performances vid

  13. Lol he had a spelling error on Paul gasols name

  14. I was expecting DeAndre to be on here, all buddy does is dunk…

  15. The commentator was pronouncing Nene like nae-nae wtf!!

  16. I got I got I got I got this video in my notification box

  17. What about Russ being the first person in NBA history to not miss a single shot even free throws against the 76ers

  18. Most points in a game for non all star players

  19. You should have shown post game interviews and commentator reactions if you could find them

  20. IBAKA IS 💸💰🤑💱💲💴💵💶💷

  21. how about hi scoring games with low percentages

  22. Bro u should do luckiest/weirdest passes!

  23. All star potential players no one knows about

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