NERF GUN BATTLE ROYALE - Part 1 (Nerf First Person Shooter!) -

NERF GUN BATTLE ROYALE – Part 1 (Nerf First Person Shooter!)

Aaron Esser
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The full squad drop into the Nerf Battle Royale arena and are aiming to be the last team standing. When the Noob of the team messes with an over competitive player he puts themselves in the crosshairs to be eliminated first. Full of loadouts, vehicles, gulags, loot and so much more, this is going to be one all out Nerf War! This is Warzone in real life!

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Aaron 🙂


  1. You can't start a battle royale without the skydiving

  2. It’s so cool if I grow up I’m gonna go skydiving

  3. Aaron I thought it wasn’t serious, 1 minute later jumping out of planes.

  4. Add a gulag in a video one day

  5. Them actually jumping out of a plane really suprised me like holy cow that looked fun

  6. This is good content hope u can make it to 10M

  7. Nathen: his gun is trash new guy: i have the same thing nathen: my stamens stays lol

  8. They say the new guy i kinda trashy but i bet he gets so many kills

  9. 2:00
    is the definition of tf2
    so either be serius or dont play the game

  10. Aaron walking in front like in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

  11. I did not expect u to jump out of the plane like wow I subbed a long time ago like 2 years ago

  12. It's like call of duty warzone, only on nerf!

  13. I feel seen! I’d be that noob all day long! Haha. Just discovered your videos! Love them so far!

  14. Aaron now this is a real battle royale thx a lot for doing this for all of us

  15. Bro he added toxic players who knew that he would go the next level detail

  16. Amazing video Aaron! I love the battle royale Series! But I just have one question.

    11:24 how did that mega dart move?

  17. Hey award make It feel like your in a game

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