NERF GUN GAME 18.0 | (Nerf First Person Shooter!) -

NERF GUN GAME 18.0 | (Nerf First Person Shooter!)

Aaron Esser
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A Nerf War meets Call of Duty: Gun Game 18.0 with Fortnite, Ryan’s World, Elite 2.0 blasters and much more! First person through all 20 weapons wins the battle! Good luck!

Featuring these epic Nerf blasters: Fortnite Burst Rifle, Zing HyperStrike Bow, Elite 2.0 Flip Shot 8, Roblox Jailbreak, Ryan’s World – The Ranger, Panda 6-Shot, E-radicator, Renegade, Air Storm Wrist Bow, Nerf Laser Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger, Falcon Fire, JerryModWorks Modded Rapid Strikes, Spiderman Web Bolt, Franklin Sports Throw ‘N Stick, Zing Marshmellow Blaster, Impact498 FoxFire Select, Microshot Halo SPNKR, The Mandolorian Blaster, Microshot Fortnite Thunder Crash, Rainbow Smash

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Aaron 🙂


  1. Man I remember yo from when I was in 4th grade

  2. 5:26 parecia muito que ele tinha levado esse hit nas bolas

  3. This ain't nerf some IS different company's so there shouldn't be non nerf gun games

  4. I love your vids im even subed with notifications

  5. the fact that the thing broke in the end was halarious

  6. Nice Victory Aaron I watch some of your videos since 2017 and I like that you get a quad kill double kill and triple kill that was smooth

  7. The fact that Michael looks incredibly stupid and looks like a troll makes it better

  8. Was that unicorn head supposed to come off .___.

  9. You can get the best deal of what you're trying
    Unfortunately the problem was I thought

  10. Oohhh i felt bad with adam's peepee at 5:25 though it's not my fault

  11. My son would love to meet you someday! He is 6 Years old and really enjoys your videos! If you could give him shouting it would mean the world to him his name is Jayden nickname Bug! Thank u stay blessed

  12. Why is every body being sent to the shadow realm

  13. I wanna see the ACE guy in the next Nerf Gun Game 19.0

  14. Hey Aaron, have you tried speaking to Lord Draconical lately, just asking?

  15. I always used to watch this guy when I was about 9 I’m now 13

  16. since when there was ryan guns? damn they're cool. i might get one for my little brother

  17. I respect Mitch he is also Fortnite addict

  18. 0:00 Intros
    2:09 You’re so bad
    2:38 Surprise (failed)
    3:38 Mitch’s first kill
    3:52 Adam walking in
    4:10 Durance in the shower
    5:15 Tennis match
    6:07 Durance and Adam retreating
    6:18 That’s payback
    6:35 Mitch’s distraction for Isaac’s kill
    6:50 Adam’s unexpected appearance
    7:13 Nathan knocked out and then Adam
    7:37 Nathan: Are you kidding me? Isaac: It’s rigged. Nathan: Get out of here!!

  19. Any of you guys saw at 1:55, Mitch is moving even though he just died?

  20. The red white b bar looks like the Aug gun

  21. I love how every time Nathan Angle gets shot in the back , he always screams "Ow, my Back!"

  22. NAR & OFT Official (neutral ssb2 clan) says:

    Double 1 shooter guns name is "roblox jailbreak"
    Roblox and jailbreak is z game name!

  23. That Ryan Dart guns are for Ryan to go see rn

  24. Bro I remember watching these as a kid… So mahy memories.

  25. nerf gun1.70/nerfgun2016 part1/nerfgungame13.0/zomibe3.0/nerfgungame6.0/nerfgungame15.0

  26. Bro wears a motorcycle helmet ever time he records on of these (look at the mirror)4:20

  27. Hi, thank you for making my and others childhood (sorry for bad english)

  28. This The Best Gun Game Yet!
    Arron You Are The Best!

  29. Nerf Gun Game 18.0
    Jael Chuy Tucker OhyeahCaleb
    Game Mode: 2v2

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