Nerf Gun Game 5.0 -

Nerf Gun Game 5.0

Joep Kraakman
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Nerf War: Call of Duty Gun Game in real life! The first to get a kill with all 20 Nerf blasters wins the battle!

This fifth edition, shot at a Train Station, includes the following Nerf blasters: Zombie Strike Doublestrike, Barrelstrike, Shellstrike, Roughcut, Hammershot, X-Shot Xcess, Slingfire, X-Shot Crusher, Retaliator modded blaster, X-Shot Regenerator, Ultra One, Regulator, Titan, Rival Apollo, Longshot, Trilogy, Stryfe, X-Shot Kickback, C4 Explosive and Star Wars Blast-Tech.

This video is inspired by:
– Aaron Esser:
– Call of Duty:

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🎥 Gear:
– GoPro Hero 5 Black
– Sony RX100 MK III
– Final Cut Pro x

Thanks for watching, Joep.


  1. Actually I was fast to reload some nerf shotguns tho

  2. People think it is easy to make these types of videos are easy to make but they are not because they have to pick up every darts

  3. 1:52 prueba de que el arma no hace al jugador sino el jugador hace al arma

  4. ''who let't take care of this like real man'' shot easy!

  5. I like it joep kraakman my little brother like gun just like you joep kraakman

  6. Look at the Aaron Esser this is plagiarism

  7. Man I remember watching this video when I was 9.

  8. this is what i imagine when. playing nerf war with my friends

  9. Urs are actually a pretty good competitor to aarons!

  10. Просто нет слов
    Просто бомба

  11. imagine having a collection of nerf guns

  12. Random Guy : Mission : Dodge bullets from the Regenerator, The Main Character : Literally kills the Random Guy who had that Mission , Random Guy : You died… Mission failed, we'll get em' next time

  13. He made the nerfs feel like a video game

  14. Commander:F**k:Gunslinger:whats wrong Oh s**t

  15. Still sitting here wondering how a hammer shot won against a crusher

  16. Can I please have❤️ I beat you like and I have 100 wins because they have 100 people on when I play in the park

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