NERF GUN GAME | SUPER SOAKER EDITION 3.0 (Nerf First Person Shooter) -

NERF GUN GAME | SUPER SOAKER EDITION 3.0 (Nerf First Person Shooter)

Aaron Esser
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A Nerf War meets Call of Duty: Gun Game but with Nerf Super Soakers or water guns for the third time! First player to go through all 17 weapons wins the battle!

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Aaron 🙂


  1. These vids are sooo cool btw I’m subbed

  2. V de la verdad no sé que hacer y no me voy entonces eI me meto entonces eI no me voy?

  3. Hey you should make a another elite strike movie and I really like the idea of the nerf arsenal

  4. Валентина Красавина says:

    Мне нравится

  5. You saying don't makes me want to do it more but I won't don't the drowning thing

  6. I love nerf but I'm not a pro yet I have gaint but bad nerf guns

  7. Your my favourite youtuber keep uploading videos!

  8. If any of u guys didnt watch these videos as a kid, then it means ur childhood must have been bad

  9. My friend has that exact same watermelon float

  10. you shave with water but when you jump into the water you don't die

  11. Poor Issac was getting bullied in the final part XDD (6:34)

  12. 2;49 hhaahahhaahahahahaahahahhahhahahahah omg

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  15. Am I a big fan of enough I just like rival and especially Nerf

  16. IT'S BURGER TIME! Super Soaker 4.0 coming soon as well! 😀

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