Nerf meets Star Wars: Gun Game (First Person in 4K!) -

Nerf meets Star Wars: Gun Game (First Person in 4K!)

Aaron Esser
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A Nerf War combines Star Wars and Call of Duty’s Gun Game! The first person through all ten weapons win. Featuring several of the Star Wars Nerf blasters, the force, lightsaber battles and much more!

Check out the Behind the Scenes:

1. Stormtrooper Pistol:
2. Captain Cassian Blaster:
3. Imperial Death Trooper Blaster:
4. Rey (Jakku) Blaster:
5. Han Solo Blaster:
6. Stormtrooper Rifle:
7. Chewbacca Bowcaster:
8. Jyn Erso Blaster:
9. The Force 😉
10: Nerf Lightsaber:

Team Deathmatch:
Free For All:
Gun Game 1.0:
Gun Game 2.0:
Gun Game 3.0:
Gun Game 4.0:
Gun Game 5.0:
One in The Chamber:
Zombies 2.0:
Star Wars:
Sticks and Stones:

Thanks to Mike Rants: and to Joe for being in the video!


Thanks for watching!
Aaron 🙂


  1. Only one there is, no more no less. Arron Esser his name is.

  2. This video is funny.
    Especially when he tripped.

  3. think that gun game should be a video game its fun

  4. I thought I subscribed to you a long time ago

  5. สุนิศา ทามะรัตน์ says:


  6. Can you do a gun game star wars edition 2.0

  7. I like the light saber noises I really like a Star Wars cause I like Chewbacca

  8. The anakin not liking sand reference is hilarious

  9. i Actually Have The Death Trooper Blaster With No Bullets, i got it from my sibling

  10. Dee Dee know what they Want do for me to get the kids off for the day

  11. Ccccccccçcccccccccccççccç+cçcccccccccccccçccç+ccccç+cccccccccccc+ccccccccccccccxfffc

  12. I think you meant: i dont like sand. its coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere

  13. I will like and subscribe if you give me the stormtrooper blaster

  14. it was an amazing old video off nerf gun star wars so ye

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