NERF WORLD WAR 2 BATTLE! (First Person Shooter) -

NERF WORLD WAR 2 BATTLE! (First Person Shooter)

Aaron Esser
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The mission objective is to take the enemy base! But first Aaron and his men our going to have to take a beach like D-Day and then eliminate as many enemy soldiers as they can with just their arsenal of Nerf Guns. How many men can survive till the end?


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Aaron 🙂


  1. lets just take a second and appreciate everyone getting their respective uniforms, that stuff is not cheap

  2. Why where there garand pings despite no one using a M1 Garand

  3. 2:55, bro went in for the finishing kill with a musket

  4. You have to give the germans one thing, they we're better than the french

  5. Can you please tell me were you got the milatary uniforms from because I really want one

  6. Bro is going full Normandy rn

  7. How He Said alle in Deckung

  8. This video reminds me of my early childhood I used to always watch

  9. Ww2 mix with Nerf and call of duty hehehehhe I like it by the way good job boys 🙂 it reminds me of the real ww2

  10. Rare footage of Falbenian-Curseddian Militarist Forces attacking El Dymmix (2022 Colorized)

  11. 1944 Normandy D-Day allies vs nazi germany with nerf

  12. I showed this to grandpa and he said it was really good

  13. you shod do zulu war it is the bast look it up you will do grat

  14. My favorite part is when they capture the Main Base of the Germans

  15. Nice video man so good I watch it over and over again❤❤❤

  16. Eu sou brasileiro não entendo a língua de vocês?

  17. Usually the boat landing were unsuccessful, some never even made it off the boat.

  18. I always have respect for WW2 vets. Carry on, solder. 🪖🫡

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