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*NEW Armed Conflict: Shooting Games Android Gameplay

Tighana S.H
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*NEW Armed Conflict: Shooting Games Android Gameplay

Updated on
Apr 24, 2023

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• Game Info
Developer : XDEVS LTD
Difficulty : –
Connection : On
Size : 1 GB
Graphic Setting : High
Version : 0.13
Released on : Apr 24, 2023
Device : ROG Phone II
OS : Android 10 & Recorder : GameGenie *Built-in

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》Game Info 《
Armed Conflict is modern warfare between opposing factions where you fight for the title of the best shooter! Exciting real-time combat with players from all over the world!

Pick a side and immerse yourself into this online first-person shooter. A legendary online shooting game with the best graphics, realistic physics and multiple upgrade options for weapons and characters. Already on release it was one of the top online shooters!


• Various guns and knives attachments
Upgrade your weapons by adding extra parts, such as a suppressor, sight, clip, caliber, etc.

• Legendary skins for weapons and soldiers
You won’t get lost in the crowd of gray bots with these colorful and vibrant skins. Use top tier skins, show the world who you are.

• Unique maps with various landscape features
Use terrain features to your advantage, occupy the best positions and carefully plan your movements towards the enemy base.

• Weekly tournaments and Clan competitions
Fight for the title of the best shooter in weekly tournaments or prove that your clan is number one in the game.

• Intuitive and customizable controls
Personalize the game, enjoy maximum flexibility in setting up the controls.

• Free Daily Rewards
Play every day to get valuable in-game prizes for free.

• A variety of game modes
Play a Team Death Match (TDM) where two teams fight for supremacy or a Deadly Battle which is a classic One vs All. Or try one of many other game modes.

Armed Conflict is a multi-player online first-person shooter where action-packed battles take place in real time. Your time has come, fighter! Get ready for an epic battle and go!

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