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MORE Gamescom INFO


Project Magnum

Vigilance 2099

PlayStation event

(Horizon forbidden west upgrade issues)

Xbox at TGS

Dead Space remake update

Midnight Suns

New game mode in in Tsushima Legends

The Medium PS5

Splinter Cell multiplayer inspired game


THQ Nordic Games (sept 17th)

DC Fandome (16th)


  1. You know, I think its funny that people are taking the whole cyberpunk theme and making games that functions better.

  2. Exactly why Xbox is going to win the console war

  3. No not a cyberpunk competitor. But looks good as an action game.

  4. The biggest announcement Xbox and playstation can announce, is having those consoles in stock.

  5. It depends on the game with me if it's a game I'm REALLY passionate about I will be interested in even the smallest of details but if it's something I want to play but I'm not like a diehard fan of I can wait.

  6. Personally I think hype for games happens wayyyy too early. I get pumped about a game and then I have to wait 2 years. By the time the game comes out, my excitement has waned. I think it's more effective to release a solid trailer 3 months or so before release.

  7. Pretty much any game is a competitor for Cyberpunk 2077 😂

  8. Dead space remake. It's one of my top three zombie shooters of all time. Really excited for it.
    The China, It's a good idea. My kids only play video games on the weekends. So I do understand.
    You should whatever you want with your channel. I think

  9. China I bid you Good luck on enforcing such a Law.
    With VPNs and the Like that's gonna be one impossible fight

  10. I deeply wounded hearing someone mentioning the original prey 2 trailer I was super excited just to have my dreams crushed 😭

  11. Can we not just like get Prey 2 please, sorry arcane but Prey 2 looked way cool than any other game I've seen

  12. Mark your calendars for September 9th. Well, I always do. That's my birthday. 🙂

  13. it isnt very difficult to be better then broken cyberpunk 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. 'The original Prey 2' – ignoring the actual original game called Prey that was great and never got a sequel.

  15. Damn…kiddies be getting hyped over garbage lol y'all still love just shooting things.

  16. Another remaster? What are we living in the age of remaster? NEW GAMES > REMASTERS

  17. Of coarse their is more gamers in China, thier populace is literally 3x larger then ours… 🤣

  18. When I was in my middle teens I was addicted to gaming but since I've gotten older I broke myself from it don't get me wrong I can still put some major hours in a game but I know when to stop and I don't get as angry anymore when I lose

  19. I personally prefer a trailer, then a game a while later. Just out of the blue as a big surprise. I'm not really into these slow build ups to a big hypetrain…

    Also the China thing, not surprised at all. China controls it's people all the way down to what they are allowed to think. It's a sick country.

  20. Yes, thank you! That quick demo/chase scene for the original Prey 2 project was bad ass! The first thing I thought when I saw that was, where is the Star Wars bounty hunting game, wtf…

  21. Trailer then game, the hype train that gets created always goes out of control and causes the games to crash and burn. Rip Andromeda and etc.

  22. if they do cyberpunk vibe that really captures being in a cyberpunk world (open world/linear/whatever) then it could be awesome. But 'wait and see' is the lesson learnt.

  23. I love it when we get early updates, but I hate delays. Not because I am impatient, but because it usually is a bad indication of the games readiness. If they are delaying, chances are the game will still release a broken mess. I don't mind being told about the progress of a game for years, just only set that release date when the game is actually ready.

  24. Project Magnum looks too good to be true but I'm staying optimistic.

  25. I one which looks like cyberpunk but 10x better I hope it comes out cause my god, me playing CP I wish it was 3rd person but that game. Way better looking

  26. Will never play a "card" video game…as far as China…day 1- adults start selling adult accounts to kids for their lunch money

  27. These new China laws may help diminishing the loot box fest that modern gaming has become, specially in the mobile market. Plus may help the Chinese people realize they live in a damm dictatorship.

  28. Finished 3 cyberpunk endings on the PS5 and it was really great. Beyond anything Bethesda or Rockstar has done.

    By the time I played it, The glitches were at Bethesda level but the CDPR lying thing is so disappointing. They really ruined a great game.

  29. Ah yeah a new gears of war mixed with war frame gonna be a fun time

  30. the US has 350 mill people or so while China has 1.5 bill. Yeah they have a lot of gamers.

  31. “Cyberpunk competitor?” Hell, as long as your game runs you’re a Cyberpunk competitor.

  32. watch once spectre releases its going to blow up and then ubisoft is going to make another one. i dont understand ubisoft anymore. they keep doing the opposite what fans want. and keep wondering why they dont make that money anymore and why they are losing fans

  33. Cyber punk!!!! No, Def not sick of it. When it's done right

  34. Old school couch co-op gamer here. IMO online gaming sucks anyway, let the governments keep the kids offline. They will learn to appreciate person to person contact, and the GameCube, PS2 and DS type systems will triple in value. I don't agree with the Gov raising your kids, violation of basic rights, but if you can't beat them, get a local LAN party going like we used to.

  35. The only Cyberpunk competition is Fallout 76.

  36. Can you make a vid on Just Added Game Pass game recommendations, which ones are worth a try and if there are any hidden gems that were quietly added

  37. Gaming Addiction is real but so is getting addicted to any other damn thing. You can get addicted to Oreos. They jus needa be glad it isn’t something worse. Why are they so against video games dude?

  38. "Over the cyberpunk thing?" We never GOT a good cyberpunk thing besides Dues Ex. I want so much more.
    Also, in regards to the china playtime limit, the only silver lining is that with how restrictive china's censorship is on games (not even occult imagery? Come on. Apparently this greatly influenced FFXV's story during production.) maybe this will mean a little less game development geared towards a market that censors so much? Studios don't want to make two versions of games, so a lot of studios were catering to China's policy. But their reward was apparently this.

  39. Ps just don't want to give shit for free no free upgrades and when I say free I mean if you pay £60 on Ps4 you now need to buy at £69.99 on Ps5 for the same game we'll now 60 fps 4k looks good but mmmmm worth it I dunno personal preference I say no. U? Let me know?

  40. I’d hate it if I was limited I hold a job just fine and I like my free time just gaming for hours on end

  41. 1:31 – This is rough?… It's smoother than 'CyberPunk 2077'…

  42. OH YEAH happy weekend! if you have any spare time, are you playing any games? Let us know for research purposes.

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