NO OLED. NO GAME. (Shooting Game) | OLED -

NO OLED. NO GAME. (Shooting Game) | OLED

OLED SPACE by LG Display
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  1. At first i thought it was stupid for an american to be aiming at a t-34 but then i realized that the t-34 in question is painted feldgrau (field gray) which is the color of german tanks meaning that its a captured t-34, neat little detail

  2. Lol they fixed the commercial after everyone said she pressed the wrong button

  3. As an IT and gaming nerd, I really appreciate this visualization of latency in games.

  4. Anyone remember when these old ass people had her press the fucking B button to shoot

  5. you DONT need an OLED to have a high response time in your games. Just look at the package of any monitor and check to see what it's "MS refresh rate" is. a good monitor or tv will be listed as "1ms"

  6. 0:50 nah bro, the tv isn't funna change anything, they couldn't aim anyway

  7. What is the name of this game being played during the commercial.

  8. Haha like the soldier who holds a Mosin Nagant type but an FAL type weapon is displayed as the display weapon, boy such mistakes can only happen to the uninformed but never mind haah. 0:51

  9. Haha I'm not a gamer but I still enjoyed this commercial. 👍

  10. Wow based as f, I’m all in.

    Finally a game where the Germans win
    Imma buy that most definitely.

  11. This commercial is good, but the logic is flawed. The girl already hit the "FIRE" button means she saw the image alright. The problem is with the PC/Gamming device which lagged significantly that did not process fast enough. To me, it will be a fantastic Ad for like Intel or AMD.

  12. Display latency doesn't affect anything in-game, but I have to say that was a genuinely entertaining advert and very competently put together. 9/10

  13. This is one of the few ads I actually bothered to search up. Not many get that honor.

  14. I gotta admit this is the first ad that has caught my attention for a long time.

  15. You know an ad is good when it makes you feel genuine emotion

  16. who knew that when you press the trigger another world gets nuked.

  17. The cinematography of this add is so impressive. Well done LG !

  18. One of the few ads I actually watch all the way voluntarily

  19. This would be a matter of input lag not a slow display.

  20. okay wait what’s the problem here? i didn’t think there would be a latency issue in this case ??

  21. is this advertising the latency on ps5 controllers?

  22. this was actually a really cool ad! i kinda forgot about the video i was watching when this came on 😅

  23. Omg the name of the soldier who say Menj! ❤️

  24. That voice acting for the female knight was DAMN GOOD for an ad

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