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Oculus Quest 2 Top 5 FPS / Shooter Games for New Users + Quest 2 Giveaway

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Today i do a top 5 Shooter Games on the oculus quest 2.

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  1. Ngl i prefer stand out to population one. Also, onward got arguably worse when it came to quest with a major graphics downgrade so the quest could run it at a stable frame rate, lots of new little bugs including fire selectors being broken and the any rifle with a bolt lock bug where its like pavlov and you just grab the charging handle and it chambers a round but the bolt still shows as open happens far more often than it used to. Other than the onward issue this list is on point (of course stand out is still better imo)

  2. I'm guessing If I want to play anything decent I need a PC?, just bought one but don't have a PC

  3. Cool, I can't stand ***** HotDogs, Hortseshoes & Hand Grenades, it has to be the most over-hyped VR FPS game of all time, what an utter piece of garbage lol.

  4. 5. Robo Recall
    4. Blaston
    3. Onward
    2. Solaris
    1. Population One

  5. Population one and robo recall Im definitely getting once my quest 2 arrives. SO EXCITED!!

  6. pleeeease get a new mic, you sound aweful

  7. Just spent almost 700 bucks for this oculus quest 2 it better be worth the damn money

  8. If you are looking for a good game for the quest 2 decently get population one and onward. They are both great population one being a battle Royale and onward having a COD feeling

  9. The second quest game i got was robo recall and it's one of my favorite vr games

  10. Do oculus 2 games still work for the first oculus?

  11. My fav vr game so far is vtol vr it’s absolutely awesome but you do need a pc for it

  12. Plot Twist: The people playing Blaston are actually trolling kids in paintball.

  13. Ngl I kind of picture Onward as battlefield population one as fortnite robo recall cod infinite warfare etc

  14. Bro I’m gonna get a job now so I can get an oculus quest . I’ve been wanting one for a long time but now I have the full motivation to do so

  15. and contractors check that out for $19.99

  16. I'm missing arcade shooters but yes this games look really cool as well

  17. I wish there was a video with free games without side loading shit

  18. Can you put a label over the footage so if I miss the audible naming I can just see it (some other time of course) please and thanks.

  19. Bro population 1 is the new gen fortnite

  20. I'm planning on getting the quest 2. Anyone having problems with getting their quest/FB account getting banned? Also, is Medal of Honor Above and Beyond on here without hooking it up to your pc?

  21. I think population one is a cool game but it's just too close to fortnite for me and I ended up refunding it, but I recommend trying it if you like battle Royale games

  22. good vid but you forgot to say the prices of the games

  23. Hmm never heard of a deliberator 😂 love the recommendations man! I’m a huge inward fan.

  24. I'm still having trouble with Onward. Sighting The Weapons. I read a VR comment that if you know how to use guns, it should be no problem. Yet I do & it is so awkward to do it VR.

  25. One of my favorites is Gun raiders where you fight people with mics and for reloading you eject you mag and reload and just know that the Minigun is socially unacceptable

  26. So Blaston is like IronLights but with guns

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