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Onward is the Best VR Shooter

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Onward is the best multiplayer VR shooter I have played so far. I’m sure that’s a hot take for some, there are a lot of good VR shooters, but I’m having so much fun. First person shooters are going to grow up and be like Onward in the future. Multiplayer and single player shooters honestly. If you came to this description looking for links, they are down below. I very much appreciate you being here.

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  1. These games are fr really good but on my opinion the best vr shooter ive ever seen and ever player was ARES VR and beliving or not its a roblox vr shooter and its feels so clean and so natural, you should try it out make a vid on it saying ur opinion

  2. Onward was the best VR Shooter until Meta bought it and ruined it for the Quest

  3. I feel like onward is like if Pavlov and Insurgency Sandstorm had a baby

  4. Speaking from a person that's played both as well, the only thing pavlov has that onward doesn't is revolvers, TTT and ww2 weapons. Onward is a complete upgrade on Pavlov in my opinion

  5. Habit retitle this video to “Onward is the 2nd best breakfast shooter”

  6. Im sad about what shooting range turned into eventually (just toxic sewers of bad players and not much fun)

  7. VR is the future of fps because it reminds you of when you played search and destroy? VR could very well be the future, but that logic is really terrible. I shouldn't have been bothered by this, but here we are.

  8. I wish the devs wouldn't mess up the graphics with prioritizing the Quest hardware. It really breaks my hear.
    Anyway, blast video as always Habie, you rock!

  9. Onward is now flooded with spawn killers sadly

  10. I remember i game of onward i played with my brother who was on the oppisite team. My team had an entire plan with snipers watching the objectoves and scouts on the ground to give information. Nothing happenned until the end of the game where we heard a gunshot. After the game i asked the enemy team where they were and turns out they were arguing with my brother and ended up just shooting him

  11. The best thing is in the shooting range, no one is getting spawn killed, and you all just kinda play a mini game where you start with an un-chambered pistol and a magazine on a table, last one the live wins

  12. u need to see how GARBAGE the quest 2 version looks without pc💀

  13. Never subscribed or liked any videos. Your genuinely funny. I fw it, keep it up!

  14. How is the singleplayer with this? Are the bots challenging or easy

  15. 5:06 i like how he used the premiere pro audio visualizer for this very creative lol

  16. Man you got me with the. “Have a good tomorrow if your getting ready for bed.” Just love this man

  17. 8:50 youtube was on speakers and you did that. First of all, it scared the shit out of me. Second, Now every one thinks I have explosive diarrhea 😂😂😂

  18. What is the single player like? I’d be happy with running around a map being chased by bots…

  19. I was half way through the video and I bought it

  20. Everyone who has ever played onward, killed their teammates in their first match

  21. But pav is a beta games, so it has time to improve

    Edit: talking from 2022 at least

  22. I'm like second off monster test pistols with mermaid and full Castro's life and trackers it's super fun

  23. well look at your tablet if there was a Green Dot that's friendly if there's no Green Dot shoot them and if they're the same color they're not suit them

  24. I'm a kid and I pray that game

  25. how do you get 9 points I get 30

  26. Onward WAS the best VR shooter. It's now one of the worst

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