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Onward VS Pavlov VS Contractors – A VR Shooter Comparison –

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Price
0:30 Playerbase
0:45 Time To Kill
1:30 Game Modes
5:40 A.I.
7:45 Loadouts
8:50 Holsters
9:20 Weapon Handling
11:25 Graphics
12:30 Custom Maps
14:20 Conclusion


  1. Am I the only one noticed you are using Hunt showdown track humming music during AI explanation?

  2. I just reinstalled pavlov shack and quickly remembered why I got rid of it. The recoil just feels excessive for 95% of guns and are almost completely uncontrollable when fired automatically. Not to mention how much most guns bounce horizontally which just feels unnatural to me.

  3. It feels like you kinda low balled onward with the game modes, as onward also has ranked, and it has 3 other game modes too

  4. I have played all three but to me onward is the best because of its ttk and its realistic battles

  5. They’re all the same. All multiplayer fps are the same.

  6. Damn i searched this up and I didnt expect the exact thing I needed to come up

  7. Pavlov is cs:go vr, Onward is battlefield, Contractors is cod and every other fps

  8. "pavlov has the most" bro you know damn well you used the highest recoil weapon there. bias

  9. I bought inwards and stoped playing since it got I would always die but then I got back into it when I got better aim and better at vr

  10. What is the VR shooter where you can use vehicles like battlefield plz help

  11. "So you get the pleasure to play with annoying kids instead of toxic adults."

    this honestly sounds more like a selling point than a negative. no toxic adults AND you get to fight annoying kids? Cool.

  12. With the new overhauls to Pavlov and Pavlov Shack, I'd really like to see how these games compare now!

  13. Pavlov and onward are more realistic, contractors is more fun, change my mind

  14. contractors is the winner for me just because of the mods you can get and the movement

  15. There is some stuff that look like plastic rather than metal

    Yes because its probably a MagPul polymer magazine!

  16. For Quest 3 users:
    1. Try Pavlov for Free
    2. Try Contractors
    3. Forget Onward
    Decide between 1 or 2. Right?

  17. You are wrong in Pavlov the bots can headshot you from 226 meters.

  18. Contractors has CoD zombies now and from playing the quest version of each of the zombies it’s better on contractors. On quest the Pavlov CoD zombies feels weird, when you shoot the zombies it feels like nothing is happening. You shoot the zombies and there’s no limb destruction or blood particles and the models don’t fall to the floor or have any death animation, they just vanish. There’s also no zombie limit in Pavlov meaning there’s like 100 zombies at once and lags the game unlike contractors. It also has custom guns but when I played Pavlov it was just the default weapons. I haven’t played Pavlov for a long time so I’m sure there’s probably been some updates to the CoD Zombies but I’ve found contractors much more true to the original zombies form

  19. Damn I heard that payday2 music in the background and had cloaked ptsd

  20. Why tgere is never ps5 oprions. I hate sony, why did I buy it… always behind.

  21. Hi guys – what are good gunstocks that work with Quest 3

  22. I have all 3, and my go-to is still onward. I absolutely love the tactical feel, and most of the players I run into aren't annoying kids. The fan base is also a lot more talkative and very toxic (but in the fun way). There is tk, so sometimes new teammates will shoot you on accident, but overall I think it's the best because of the community. I've also made a lot more friends in onward because almost everyone has a mic in those servers.

  23. Toxic people on casual are basically people who are too bad to play Competitive. Lol

  24. Depends on the gun in onward, some assault rifles are 1 shot and some pistols are 2 shot

  25. Whats the background music? Ive heard it before but i dont know what its from

  26. I’d love a new, updated version of this video. Tons of people looking at what shooter to buy after getting their first VR headset (Quest 3).

    I’ll probably buy them all, but wondering which ones have the most PvE / coop content to get my feet wet before doing more PvP

  27. Contractors and Pavlov have the best mods. To me though, onward just has that intense 'feel' at times .. always see myself going back

  28. is it possible to disable blood on contractors or pavlov?

  29. To me I’ve played Pavlov for 2 years now and have pre ordered it. But I just started playing contractors and I can’t decide which one I like better. Both are for different things. Pavlov is more casual while contractors is competitive. There is good mod support for both. I just can’t decide.

  30. Bro when he shows thr recoil of Pavlov he chooses the gun with the highest recoil in the game 😭

  31. Contractors all the way now, alone for the amazing mods like Bops1 Kino der Toten Zombies, Star Wars Battlefront and many others, all ways something new every time I come back to it. Used to love Pavlov but it feels kinda dead nowadays

  32. The thing is that your only using the same guns like with how many shots it is to kill but you need to use different guns and how you said that the Pavlov guns have to much kick when you are literally using the AR with the most amount of recoil in the entire game it just doesn’t seem fair you should make on other vid but with different weapons to compare instead of just using the exact same because it’s not a very good comparison if your only using one weapon but a good video anyway.

  33. I think Contractors is the most fun out of the 3. Fast paced, great mods.

  34. Probably gonna ask for Onward and Contractors for Christmas

  35. I love contractors…does call of duty maps the best…even star wars and halo…its awesome

  36. Anyone watching this video considering which game to get, pavlov is definitely the worst of the 3, personally i hate how the guns feel, onward is a super good tactical shooter but if you prefer more arcady shooters then contractors is probably the best choice

  37. I played all three, here's what I know. (Oculus quest 2)
    Pavlov isn't worth it if you have all three. Really the only good thing is zombies, but that might be some sort of bias.
    Contractors can do basically everything that pavlov can do, but a little better. I mean, there are a lot of mods, so there are a ton of options.
    Onward is a completely separate type of game. It's a very tactical game, but it is a little unfinished.

    Now, I like both contractors and onward, (if you couldn't tell), but if you don't have either of those, pavlov is an excellent decision.
    Hope this helps someone.

  38. I hate the walking mechanism im onward

  39. Contractors pets you have more fun with better accessibility and settings but Pavlov has better weapon control. Onward is great but way more niche.

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