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Outrage over school shooting video game

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VIDEO: A new video that allows players to act as a school shooter sparks outrage from many parents.


  1. Been trying to find that Muslim Massacre game where the bosses are Osama Bin Laden and Muhammad. I cannot even find a playthrough of it. The music is cheesy 80's video game music and the gun sounds like a space beeper. Shit's hilarious, but the whiny babies seem to have gotten their way

  2. does this game have skins i need them for THE GRIND

  3. What about call of duty? Or civilization? I don’t see how it’s different. In all three of these games, you kill hundreds of innocent people—except call of duty is way more successful at making money.

  4. honestly i would rather a game like this exist so that people with issues can take them out on NPCs instead of real people

  5. I do not like this game GTA 5 is better then this a game, inspired by shooting a school up? Really bro that’s what your think of? The person who made the game “Get a life man.”

  6. Its on steam barely anyone would play it. Everyone is playing tf2

  7. Really? It’s just a video game, it’s not like it’s gonna cause people to actually shoot up schools

  8. Am i the only one who thinks these games would actually lower school shootings? Once troubled kids play it they might realize the gravity of it all and choose not to

  9. but if you realize it is the truth of what is happening in the United States because if they continue with their term "freedom" obviously it will happen

  10. Honestly this feels like the revenge of the creator of that roblox game christchurch

  11. This was actually ruled in favor of the titles developer. Sorry snowflakes. The first amendment had you beat.

  12. Wait till these people hear about School Shooter RP lol.

  13. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 exactly ignoring the real problem and talking about something irrelevant

  14. All the other kids with their pumped up kicks better run better run, outrun my gun/bullet.
    Happily plays on the radio, it is about jealousy over shoes not school shootings apparently. So the game might just be about shooting pedophiles dressed up as students maybe?
    Edit: Also what's the grief and hate from a few hundred parents of victims over millions of happy players/buyers, stupid media gladly selling every lie as long as they get their share I guess. Devs should have bought em too…

  15. Even if the game was still out on steam, I could care less about even playing it because it doesn’t even look that good to play anyway. I would get bored of it after awhile and I don’t really want to play something where you kill kids.

  16. School shooter games are the product of teachers not doing there job and stop bullying wicth is why real ones happen whenever real bullying, abuse or ostrazing

  17. Its called steam lady go back to school!😂

  18. Nah these people are more clueless than Fox News💀 wait nvm no one is more clueless than Fox News💀💀

  19. You can ban a game but not the guns hahahahahaahha silly amerikkkans

  20. "Is set to release on a website called STREAM"

  21. When is this gonna get made in Unreal Engine 5?

  22. honestly the idea of ppl wanting to do it in a game is messed up. It’s better than doing it in real life, but why would u want ppl to do it at all??

  23. Boys and girls play with death and guns and murder from as young as 2 years old. We give boys toy guns or figurines who wield guns, and we all watch cartoons and movies where guns are ubiquitous. Show me how it leads to tens of millions of shootings across the country.

  24. this comment section proves gamers are psychopaths

  25. Some legit spent there time to make this like WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!

  26. that game looks like sh1+ anyways and you can probably do that thing in gmod instead

  27. That game is a rip off of to cod and GTA V

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