Pavlov VR is the Best First-Person Shooter on PlayStation VR 2 -

Pavlov VR is the Best First-Person Shooter on PlayStation VR 2

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Pavlov VR: The Ultimate First-Person Shooter Experience for PlayStation VR 2. Pavlov VR is a first-person shoot on PlayStation VR2. Developed by Davevillz, the game takes inspiration from popular titles such as Counter-Strike and Call of Duty, bringing the fast-paced action and intense gameplay to a fully immersive VR experience. Players can engage in multiplayer matches with other online players, using an array of weapons and tactical strategies to outmaneuver their opponents. With its realistic physics and graphics, Pavlov VR offers an unparalleled VR gaming experience that will keep players coming back for more.

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  1. Really disappointed the graphics weren’t updated for ps5 other than a little ray tracing here and there

    Looks fun nonetheless

  2. Well I’d say the guns sounds are better on here than the quest version

  3. Pavlov sucks. I wish it handled the virtual stock like onward does then at least I could enjoy it. I really don’t understand why all vr shooters haven’t adopted onwards gameplay mechanics. Almost all shooters seem to be sticking with this semi floaty gun stability and it’s just garbage for aiming. I refuse to play a vr game that doesn’t handle the virtual stock properly.

  4. Does anyone knows how to trick the psvr2 for playng sitted in pavlov without being crouched in game? So we can play on sofa, but in game we can run.

  5. Man I wish they came out with a rifle for this jus a pain with both controllers I get killed before I can reload lol tanks to long

  6. This is my first time coming across this channel. The intro is freaking cool.

  7. I take Pavlov on PS5 but i dont have PSVR2 yet…😅😂 i dont have any vr expérience to…first time and its with the PSVR2 (i cant wait to put my hands & head on…😊

  8. How do you reload? I have no idea how to get the extra magazine?

  9. Bruh Pavlov is way worse on oculus but someone a little bit more special but people might agree with me

  10. What headset are you using? this headset works on cinematographic mode too or only for vr games?

  11. Lmaoooo this man ain’t never just open his mouth to receive the pills 😂

  12. How is aiming down the actual sights? It seems like you are hip firing more

  13. It's still better on PC though because the mods add so much more playability.

  14. You mean It's the only shooter on psvr2..?

  15. I have fired a couple of different guns inside a prison, and let me tell you, the sound is deafening. Never once did I think the sound was great. Definitely can not compare real life to video games. On a side note, please let C/O's have suppressed weapons in the event Mike Mike forty does not get the job done Or the Stinger Grenades or flash bangs.

  16. I really wish Pavlov Shack for the OQ2 would have this map remaster, since the game is pretty bare bones compared to this

  17. I like the look of this. Nice to see VR coming along 👍🏻 I cant play it myself as I was sick for about 2 days after taking the headset off 😂😂

  18. pavlov is not available in asia. if i make another psn account and set it to a region that has pavlov, will i able to play it even if my orignal psn account that has PS Extra is in asia region?

  19. So why does your character not have arms?

  20. The fact he opens is mouth to eat the pills 3:03 shows its immersive 😂

  21. Great game but I HAVE to mute lobbies & only wish it stayed silent between games!

  22. Man I’m so jealous that the ps vr version looks better😭

  23. I turned all the vibrations settings to low cos the battery life on the controllers are crap

  24. Is it easy to pick up for someone who hasn't played multi-player games for a while, GT?

  25. 05:40 that sheer satisfying crunchiness of that whole moment sold me on this game

  26. Yep I know exactly what to ask for Christmas

  27. Love this game also gonna buy a gun stock for it

  28. I wish there was a walking zombie mode but i guess they figure we got the walking dead for that lol

  29. If there is no SBMM then RIP CALL OF DUTY im hardcore cod player started with cs go and this IS the future

  30. Can anyone help me please. I got a psvr2 today and downloaded pavlov. My right controller works fine on the menu but not it game

  31. imma need this so if i get drafted I'm ready

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