PE Games - Basketball Shooting Game - Hot Spots -

PE Games – Basketball Shooting Game – Hot Spots

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  1. Do you play this with k-2? How do you modify for kinders/First?

  2. where is the example of the game being played?

  3. I am a young basketball coach I have been watching most of your videos and those videos help me a lot. I will really like for you to be my mentor

  4. How long do you let your students play this game?

  5. My students had a great time with this game. Thanks for the upload and reply to my question.

  6. I tried this in my class and the kids loved it. I used my squad lines of 4-5 per as teams and it worked great.

  7. would this game be effective with only 2 hoops in your opinion? I have to teach a lesson to 3rd graders with 2 hoops.

  8. Looks fun – so two teams? One basket? How many balls? How many kids in play at the same time?

  9. Do you "Gamify" this game with Levels? Or is getting points the way to Gamify?

  10. I absolutely love you guys!!! You two are the bestest teachers ever!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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