Precision Pumpkin Carving with a GUN?! - Shooting Game -

Precision Pumpkin Carving with a GUN?! – Shooting Game

Kirsten Joy Weiss
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Carving a pumpkin with a gun? Heck ya! This shooting game shows you how to carve a pumpkin with a gun…the only real way to carve pumpkins 😀

Watch M1 garand gun vs. nazi pumpkins:

Rifle: Volquartsen semi-automatic .22
Ammo: Lapua

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  1. 🎃👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Sure would love to watch you shoot in a string bikini Kirsten 🤪🤪🤙🏻🤣😘 btw, I carved a pumpkin awhile back like that with my M-32 GL and a 40mm load. Did it in five rounds. My pumpkin was just a lil larger though 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. I can do it with friends, family…. I want to do it with you!

  4. Put THAT on your porch along with some spent shells…no tricks.

  5. That would actually be really scary with couple of mirrors and low blood-led lighting inside. People are already used to perfectly cut pumpkins.

  6. My favouritest gunslinger in the world, ever.

  7. Your enthusiasm brightens my days. Your a Joy to watch. Keep up the good work.

  8. Wow…PLM….pumpkin lives matter!!! Great carving Kirsten🤓

  9. God Bless sweetie…..wish more women…….cared about firearms……most are oh hell no………I wont date them!….lol!

  10. You forgot to put in a nose what happened?

  11. Thats a beauty of a stock ..just had one made in the usa and shipped to the uk . American walnut with high comb cheekpiece , shootings all the sweeter with it

  12. I was thinking of buying a aka47 riffle what do you think about that gun hunn.. I practiced shooting one used at C2 Tactic in Scottsdale.

  13. This might be an idea for a future competition: who can carve the best pumpkin with a gun.

  14. I think this might be one of the few occasions stacking one round on top of the other is not a positive.

  15. Big 16'x 16' tarp and spray paint art. Shoot the cans and watch spin around on the tarp.

  16. I'm pretty sure you had the best jack o'lantern on the block that year, or any other year if this was more than a one time deal.

  17. I thought of this just now, if you drop a pumpkin, does that make it a squash?

  18. Joy você é a melhor.

  19. Hi Kirsten, i love your videos. You would make an excellent U.S. Army Sniper. You should watch Russian WW2 Women Snipers You Tube.

  20. I watch so much dark, fucked-up shit when I free-fall down the late night, youtube rabbit-hole, I have to watch these from time to time to counteract everything…

  21. I didn’t forget to smash that like button Appreciate y’all Miss Kirsten all day long.

  22. I keep finding videos I've never seen. You need too make new ones KJ. With me in them….🎃

  23. Mein Poompkin. Vere half you been all my life.

  24. The backside of that jack-o-lantern is scary!

  25. You come up with the coolest games. I can't say I would have ever thought to carve a pumpkin with a gun

  26. Hi Kirsten im from Namibia and enjoy watching your skills and your show.

  27. Test some ammo on the pumpkins .
    Testing pumpkin disintegration rating.?¿

  28. Kirsten, that's more fun than I've seen in a while and quite a unique way to carve you're pumpkin. Thanks for everything.


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