PS5's DualSense Is Revolutionary For First Person Shooters -

PS5’s DualSense Is Revolutionary For First Person Shooters

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Jean-Luc talks about how the PlayStation 5’s new DualSense controller is a massive game changer for first-person shooters after experiencing it with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.


  1. Now combine this VR and you’re completely immersed

  2. I wonder if this will work in PC games. The PS4 controller is supported by Steam, so I guess that will also be true for the PS5 controller.

  3. While I like the adaptive triggers, I had to turn them off because it caused me to grip the controller harder and my hands are already too big for the dualsense somehow so it just made it even more uncomfortable.

  4. lmao please

    the fucking analogs stick are side by side how the fuck can you play A FPS like that

  5. Despite requiring a controller and 2 thumbs to awkwardly simulate aiming something. Keyboard support standard on these new systems and not considered CHEATING by some games because of its clear edge and more true to life immersion? Also when are rumble mice coming? I love force feedback. Only thing I miss about controllers. Thanks Nintendo.

  6. First time I want to play shooters on a console instead of the PC

  7. I'll just wait until steam inevitably adds support for it in like a year

  8. Damn guess im the only person who likes to turn the vibration off

  9. I’ve never played a call of duty game before and I’m used to the adaptive triggers for multiplayer, and since I prefer to snipe it’s even better since I can get it to the exact biting point prepared to shoot

  10. I think we have different definitions of what revolutionary is. BTW Nintendo had similar features in their controler before, but people seem to forget. Still getting a ps5, I just don't think it "revolutionary"

  11. I wonder how crisp they can make the trigger break and reset. I want it to feel like my Geissele SSA-E in my IRL AR.

  12. I wonder if there could be trigger upgrades. Just like IRL where you can replace factory triggers for lighter, crisper breaks and shorter resets.

  13. This is so cool. The only downside seems that other than the new rumble actuators, everything else seems more like it was specifically designed for FPS games. Would be curious to hear what your immersive experience was like in non-shooting related games (sword fighting, spell casting, car racing, random puzzle games, platformers, etc).

  14. Would this feature be available for PC players when Windows supports the PS5 controller? I don't imagine it would work for games not on PS5, but any title that comes out this generation thats also available on PC.

  15. does it support motion/gyro aiming in the game?

  16. As a PC FPS multiplayer gamer, are people really going to be using the haptic feedback in online play? I really like the idea of the haptic feedback, but I feel like it could be limiting to your skill in an online intense gunfight, where someone can just click their mouse. I really want a PS5. I really do. And the BIGGEST thing I hear about the controller is obviously the haptic feedback. I'd just personally be surprised if people use this in multiplayer games. I've seen a lot of people saying no.

  17. A lot of players play with vibration off because it throws of their aim so that and the increased effort to fire the gun I believe this a counter revolutionary

  18. The feedback is super cool but for serious play and competitive fps games gotta turn em off hahah inlove with my ps5 controller my main game is Apex Legends

  19. If your the type to turn of rumble, the adaptive triggers do not help game play if anything it’s a handicap

  20. With the fucked up controller you literally move the R3 button and the gun aim won't move ** so this makes u move it more ** and its like u over move the aim to much since it don't respond to that careful slow move perfect aim at target * so u have e to move the R3 button slow slow slow to accuraltly aim on target but with fucked up controller u move to aim the R3 stick and the gun won't move until u move it further * so u move the R3 stick its slow with slow then fast the further u move it * it does not move the gun if u move the fucking R3 stick to aim at target * its lag stick hacked***

  21. I didn’t like it, felt like it made me slower in Cold War… disabled it all together

  22. It's actually criminal that you still can't use the gyroscope in the PS4 and PS5 controllers for more precise aiming

  23. Can you use the gyroscope to aim?

  24. Cool, but I still hate playing first person games with a controller…

  25. I wish there was a mouse which has this! Would be so awesome for singleplayer games and even for online ones if you dont care about k/d etc.

  26. The first time i used a rifle in nioh it felt like a real gun trigger on the controller and don't even get me started on the bow and arrow that was tight

  27. Hard to explain, need to feel it then we understand

  28. "Revolutionary for FPS" says the same guy that calls SixAxis a gimmick, you know nothing John Snow, that's the only thing we actually need on Shooters, gyroscope, GYRO MOTION, adaptive triggers or whatever is all secondary

  29. Is controller good vs mouse & keypad in fps games like csgo?

  30. i just wish they combine this with gyro aiming implementation (like in splatoon).
    I would play all fps in PS5 rather than pc!

  31. the only good thing for fps is MnK, dont' say fucking bullshit and git gud

  32. I want to see gyroscope in the controllers so that we could control the recoil.

  33. CoreisusBand (Like Toys-R-Us but with CORE) says:

    Revolutionary for FPS's! Lame gimmick for literally everything else.

  34. But where the hell are all the realistic coop/multiplayer shooters and coop multiplayers in general?

  35. Valhalla has adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, was it a recent update?

  36. cant wait till this controller gets full support on pc

  37. How to set motion control for aiming in COD or any game like gyro for PS5. Tell me guys please

  38. You guys really pay money just for vibration?

  39. Still, they are just gimmicks. What more important for FPS and shooters are the aiming that needs more revolutionary effort to change.

  40. Call nine cents it’s just another controller there’s nothing revolutionary about it at all

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