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Ranking the BEST and WORST FPS Games

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  1. Bro Fortnite is not a first person shooter 💀

  2. see, HL2 isn't there because there isn't a tier for "slaps harder than my dad playing the drums"

  3. Wow this is a weird ranking, except csgo imho all of those Goated games are within the garbage tier. BFBC2 is easily goated and probably the best game out of this entire list. EFT is a close second. Then Pubg. The rest I wouldn't even bother considering XD

  4. Splitgates main issue is its main feature… the portals. Also, it needs more maps and an incentive to play. Unfortunately most games won't last these days without a BR mode or something similar.

  5. Most of this died because of cheaters specailly call of dury and battlefield

  6. Putting roblox on the same tier as rainbow and overwatch is actually crazy

  7. This is actually super valid, and I’m so happy titanfall is in goated bc if the servers ever fix or they make a titanfall 3, it will be the best fps imo by far. Plus the story is awesome and underrated

  8. I would of subed to u bro i went to the end of the video just to see where you put dying light and na bro its prob the best story line game out there by the lighting and graphics to the storyline it is the goat game try it and u will understand

  9. After you put Valorant in goated I got an ad for it straight away.

  10. Tbf as a csgo veteran who plays Valorant currently, I must say Valorant is the best fps game I've played lol
    The artstyle, the environment and most importantly the game mechanics are wayyy better than csgo

  11. Man I can’t believe how people hate quake like dam it’s the og

  12. 1st Goat Cod 4 best tatical, reflex, aim, mods, competetive, community ,
    2nd CoD 2 aim, reflex, immersion
    3rd Rainbow six siege best tactical, various operators play style and Planetside 2 was best big battles, variuos characters, interesting game mechanics flying captureing territory/base
    4th Insurgency Sandstorm fun mods and World war 3 best hitbox feeling (both underrated)
    5th Quake best aim, movment

  13. The only problem with lists like these is nostalgia

  14. valorant for me isnt goated because it isnt a fun game, valorant is only competitive

  15. Valorant is the exact opposite of whatever the f*ck this guy is saying.
    Servers are well done? Even f*cking R6 Siege has better servers than that clusterf*ck of a game.
    Also, great anticheat doesn't translate to shitty kernel anticheat that ruins your OS.

  16. Bro dying light 1 is goated for its movement but its not really a shooter , like a C tier shooter but melee and everything else is done really really well

  17. Putting Half Life and Krunker in the same tier list is crazy. Krunker is incredibly boring


    EFT is the most FUN FPS game i’ve ever played. It’s always my go to answer whenever i’m asked. But, and there is a but. There is a pretty steep learning curve, but it’s genuinely a fun learning curve. It’s not like other games where learning the game feels like a chore. It’s fun. The other thing is that it is a GRIND. I cannot emphasize enough how much of a grind tarkov is. I am not playing tarkov right now as i’m currently a univ student. Once i am finished, i will def get back into.

    Last thing to add, Tarkov is extremely immersive. Its attention to detail is amazing. But this game will take all your time to be good at it and keep up. The only problem that i have with this game is that, this is not a game you put on the backburner. it’s the game you play/grind. i personally believe casual play does not exist in eft.

    Also just to add, i have never felt an adrenaline rush from a video game like the real first time you’re in a gunfight and are confident on how you wanna play it out. Great with friends too, amazing even.

  19. Roblox fucking sucks as an fps game,I'd put it in garbage
    It's not strategic as counter strike
    It's not revolutionary as doom,quake or half life
    And it's definitely not as fun as tf2
    (This is my opinion,if you hate it,I don't blame you)

  20. Titanfall is actually good to the point that die hard fans are skitzo for another. Valarant's anti cheat can stay off my computer and the game isn't my cuppa

  21. the two best game in this list are tf2 and half life

  22. PUBG is definitely in the garbage section, or even a section of its own below garbage. It's mechanically the worst fps game of all time. The only people good at it are not good at fps game but good at compensating for how terrible and unnatural the game feels.

  23. Think of r6 like a game of rock paper scissors. Everyone interacts with everyone in some way. You have to learn absolutely all of it. Then you have to learn 3 site setups for every map. Then learn how to attack every setup and every site. Then add the semi challenging gunplay, and 1 shot headshots and it is easily the hardest fps game to get into.

  24. Dude made a fps tier list without BF1. This can't be taken seriously.

  25. Tarkov and siege should be higher lol, so much dumbbbassss on your chat

  26. doom eternal over half life is definitely interesting

  27. Putting valorant in goat tier is an insult to gaming.

  28. I wish ganes where moee graphic. Thery are so cartoony now.

  29. FPS also stands for frames per second basically graphics card performance meter 🤓.

  30. Bad company 2 was one of the best shooters I ever played. It's goat tier for me just like MW2 and MW3.

  31. New Vegas is the only goated fallout game in the series. The reason why people still loves it is because Obsidian Entertainment writing level and the game mechanics are so good. I think its the only fallout where your opinions ACTUALLY matters.

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