REAL MARINE | ONWARD | META QUEST 3 | VETERAN 28 TANGOS | Virtual reality Tactical Simulation -

REAL MARINE | ONWARD | META QUEST 3 | VETERAN 28 TANGOS | Virtual reality Tactical Simulation

GLID Gaming
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OPERATION: LONE WOLF SURBURBIA. JTF VIGIL has deployed Former Royal Marines Commando GLID to infil an enemy-held suburban AO. The OP is simple, infil, get eyes and delete every single tango in sight. ISTAR Assets has provided intel on enemy numbers. We can expect circa 20 Tangos on location, heavily armed and ready for a fight. Watch and Shoot!!

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Ruthless REAL military athletes, delivering to your face, the most authentic tactical gaming content on YouTube.
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I am a former Royal Marine Commando with actual operational experience. GLID Gaming delivers the most authentic tactical gameplay for vets by vets and everyone else interested in tactical gaming at the highest possible fidelity. PER MARÈ PER TERRAM.


About the Game: Genres: Virtual reality, Tactical shooter, Simulation Video Game, Indie game, Multiplayer online game

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REAL MARINE | ONWARD | META QUEST 2 | VETERAN 20 TANGOS | Virtual reality Tactical Simulation
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  1. This may sound stupid but extend off the front so you could rest your front hand on it

  2. I feel like a 3rd pistol controller would be bad ass

  3. I made one just like this one from a pvc pipe and 3D printer for FREE ….

  4. wow … this game really look bad …. try Contractors

  5. So here’s my easy solution for keeping hands oriented with rifle…. Laugh if you want but it works. Take a tactical belt and create a loop on each end for each wrist. Leave about 10 inches slack between wrists. As you hold controllers your left hand pushes forward , right hand pulls back. The opposing pressure keeps the in-game rifle very steady. I travel for work and can’t bring VR stock with me but this works great!!

  6. I’m a marine and I suck at this game for some reason lmao

  7. the day you have an actual gun in your hand and has the same weight and recoil vibration will be sweet!, there should be options to buy a gun to attach onto the 2 hand devices for VR's, good ones!

  8. Just got this yesterday and have been having a blast. I couldn't serve because when I was 18 I fractured my skull so this is the closest I'll ever see to combat. That said I believe this has helped improve my aim somewhat and I have been trying military movement tactics slow and methodical.

  9. For those who don't have a stock yet this is brilliantly simple and effective. For those already owning a ProtubeVR stock, you can try to build something simular to the iStock using parts from the ProtubeVR kit, since it is very modular. You just need to tape/zip down the magnet holder, or replace it with a locked version connector.

  10. His quest 2 looks so clear. I've tried VD and air link but can't get it to look this clear. Great shooting and movement btw. Takes me back to my pie slicing days

  11. I just taped a buffer and stock to my shooting hand

  12. Holy shit… That was just cool af… All I wanted to say (^^)

  13. _-i watched this video. it made me so excited that i decided to buy pico 4

  14. Hey have a recommendation on what bro headset for fighting shooting games such as bar fight and other like this
    Also any stock recommendations for uk

  15. Alguien me podría decir como se llama el juego se lo agradecería

  16. Wow a REAL JARHEAD?
    I’m so star struck 😅

  17. How much does the meta quest 2 cost?? and the game because i want to get a vr headset and play games like this

  18. Enjoy watching but I noticed your gameplay graphics are a lot different then mine lol

  19. I have an important question. Is there any delay in the controls and the viewfinder when connected by cable? or does it feel good as if it were natibo from pc

  20. He literally sounds like captain price

  21. After watching this. i feel rehab from Non REAL LIFE FANTASY SHOOTING GAMES.. and put it on real me in situation of actual combat..

  22. What headset do you use if you said it in the video I did not catch it

  23. I've seen this dude in so many lobbys and just now realized he's been on YouTube

  24. You should get some British special forces on a team vs American special forces/marines, that would be interesting

    Edit: thanks for the highlight

  25. Imagine clearing that room with a at lmao pull a pistol out man you should know this lol

  26. Man I would love to run a round like this, just I’m more of a fast pace type. It’s just the fact when your injured, a magically morphine syringe can somehow revive you to consciousness or fix some bones.


  28. Bang bang boom, down, back up, reload ch ch, boom back in the fight 😂😂

  29. Wanted to buy one so bad but let’s be honest $50 for that is Lowkey steep for a piece of plastic haha should be $30 at most

  30. A dead man disappeared is a very big shame to PlayStation 5

  31. This was really fun to watch lol. I’d download this game on my oculus but I get insane motion sickness with these types 😢

  32. Soft targets have some pretty weak programming but you move swiftly.

  33. this game is definitely great only thing they need to now work on is there AI enemies. which they said is there next big focus and update for the figure so i’m really looking forward to this!

  34. Do you play much vr? What’s the best graphics game for meta quest that’s. Swat like? What do you recommend?! I love my graphics so lol

  35. To switch fire modes click the joystick on the right controller

  36. Your movement is 👌 and you kinda sound like ghost from call of duty. also
    Thank you for your service and sacrifice your a real good guy man!❤

  37. You should %100 play ghosts of tabor it would be the best game for you

  38. Epoxy a but pad on that bad boy and it would be that much better

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