Realistic Shooter Games and Military Simulation in Under 10 Minutes -

Realistic Shooter Games and Military Simulation in Under 10 Minutes

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  1. I love the community that comes with it, walking miles just talking with your squad and telling stories, its my favorite part, thats how I like to make friends in games

  2. How do you shoot a gun with the safety on I've never seen a video game where the gun has a safety

  3. The fact that the last hardcore tactical shooter they ever had on console was operation flashpoint for PS3 is pretty F**** sad. I am TIRED of hearing them say that console cant run this game we are on PlayStation 5 now seriously I don't want to hear it. Sandstorm isn't some super high ultra high quality, advanced physics and lighting type game, the maps aren't even that big and the AI isn't even that smart why do they paint this game out to be such a graphical power house that need the most advanced PC system. Also I'm just frustrated with the options us console players have which are NONE when it comes to hardcore tactical shooters. Like dude Operation flash point was Arma before Arma was even a game all they had to do is updates that games features and I would have been happy but NOOOOOOOO. Hey lets make a tactical shooter like Arma, Squad, Hell Let Lose and escape from Tarkov for console said NO DEVELOPER

  4. Hello fans of OperatorDrewski, I was wondering if anyone couls help me with this dilemma. I am trying to decide between Squad and ArmA, and I decided that there would be no group better to ask. ArmA seems more structured and complex, and has a lot of different customizations and weapons. However, it seems like it could get very boring after a while, and the games seem to take very long. But Squad, while slightly less variety, is quicker, a bit more action packed, and seems more friendly to newer players. So if anyone has any recommendations for which one I should choose, please reply. Also, I do not know much about the finer details of either of the games, so sorry if I got some of my facts wrong.

  5. I was a 19kilo (Tanker) and most of us played COD every night in the barracks and in formation give each other shit the next morning. But at 35 I'd definitely play ARMA 3 to feel like I'm back in Germany. I need to get a PC again I miss Arma 3.

  6. If Real Life was a game
    It would be Number 1


    No respawn '_'

  7. the intro music and halo theme match very well

  8. I would love to play this with my friends who are serious with role-playing in a war game… but I get pissed too fast at ones who screw around and act like idiots

  9. Witch is the best to play PvP just with friends?

  10. Thats why games sucks today. nothing is realistic specially for us who has been in the war. So this games are loosing players and more kids playing it….

  11. Damn, this looks fun. Where should I start?

  12. I Remembered playing ArmA 2 Demo for the First Time and having to run for cover in a firefight and seeing the bullet impact on the trees and buildings as i run pass them.. Still playing Today can't go back to normal FPS and self healing .

  13. you know a mil game is realistic if all you do is lay down in the sand and barley use your weapon

  14. I feel like you would be a lot of fun to play with in Arma or Squad.

  15. Im a 14yo who rushes objectives with a M249 and gets away with it. THATS ME

  16. This is one of the best info videos I have ever seen!💯🔥

  17. Really want some good console games that are like these pc shooter games

  18. @Operatordrewski question, what is you opinion on kids playing games like this if they do they role and have good communication?

  19. POV: Your crying because you can’t afford a PC and only have a console

  20. that's pretty amazing. I wish I had these games when I was a kid, I wouldn't have left the house

  21. Bro…. Playing SQUAD. 50 v 50…. Best feeling, is when you got a few squads attacking an objective, just to see an entire squad dedicated to helicopters, fly over, drop off six infantry behind the enemy, and then fly around the objective giving air support with the machine guns.

    Feels great, especially after you've been stuck at the same objective for twenty minutes, no one able to push forward.

  22. First thing on the reload. It actually makes sense that the rounds go back into your ammo capacity. Operator's do a tactical reload which has them replace their mag with 10 rounds in it for a fresh 30 round mag. So in real life a soldier wouldn't throw away a 10 round mag for a 30 round. He would save the 10 round mag if it's safe to do so

  23. I don't even know what game is what, your should put the names as you talk about them!!!

  24. I’m tired of those shooters where you throw grenade back, slide and shoot

  25. Is there any popular realistic shooter that does not require a NASA’s computer to play?

  26. It's interesting how you mainly talk about Milsim games but then you seem to be including tarkov in this despite it not being an actual Milsim, I enjoy

  27. You are horrible bro .. what game is this ?

  28. "U GONNA LOOK AT IT, AND U GONNA LIKE IT" calm down daddy 😏

  29. Can someone tell me a cheap but good PC to play these games I own a ps4 so I don't have assesobility to this stuff so please send me good PC brands

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