Scratch Tutorial 6: Shooting Game -

Scratch Tutorial 6: Shooting Game

Kevin Briggs
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Learn how to use the mouse, implement cloud variables, and make your other variables more attractive as we make a point-and-click shooting game.

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  1. I got all the code but it didn't work the bug just moved to on side and stayed there. Can anyone help fix it?

  2. You said " to catch the butterfly " instead of " to shoot the beetle

  3. Sprite1 will went to the left of my mouse pointer

  4. Epic vid, you are awesome but I cant get cloud variable

  5. I had an idea for a “rubber banding” system. Make a variable for a score. Have a message broadcasted every time you hit a Beetle, make a variable number for a starting spawn time. Do you remember the message? When it receives the message, subtract spawn time by score. Plug the spawn time into a wait counter. This means that every time you hit a Beetle. It spawns quicker.

  6. We tried our game of this and the spaceship hit the starfish, but I have a lot of problems, they didn't do what the scripts are supposed to do.

  7. I have a glitch or error in coding where my cockroach gets stuck at the bottom of the screen, or when I am supposed to lose when he gets to the edge, he just gets stuck there, and all I have to do is shoot him and the game just continues. What should I do?

  8. My record is one because I got 201 and it said one. 😢

  9. Congratulations! 14k subscribers, im new here

  10. Hi! Gr8 video… Taught me a lot. Also, congrats on your 15k subscribers.
    I found something that you could have done that is go to mouse pointer instead of mouse x and mouse y.

  11. I’m gonna make my it’s Duck hunt scratch

  12. you are best in scratch but your videos are very big I will never see your videos again

  13. I am new to Scratch, I learning much this week-end from your you-tube lessons and tutorials.

  14. how i can get enterprised version of scratch

  15. i like this video this video is the super beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest

  16. Could you pls tell how do I sign in with the offline editor

  17. Very good video. But what button do you have to click so the balls shoot?

  18. The scratch 2.0 ghost Sprite is a lot scarier than the scratch 3.0 ghost sprite

  19. i allready saw bad news


  21. i put down the same code. but when i test it the thing goes out of the map or turns invisible

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