Scratch Tutorial: How to Make a Shooter Game (Part 1) -

Scratch Tutorial: How to Make a Shooter Game (Part 1)

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In this Scratch tutorial, I will be showing you how to make a zombie-survival shooter game. In this video I show you the basic player movement and bullets using clones, as well as zombies with health. If you want to check out my Scratch profile (all of my 8 games were front-paged), click this link here:

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I recently published a new mobile game, Flingy Fruit (available on iPhone and Android)! Check this video out if you want to see how I made the game:

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  1. right now im trying to make a game called "My Tank & Me" and its for a collab so i am gonna use this for most of the game, i will credit you for tutorial!

  2. Wow dude I finally know how to assign a variable for each clone tysm you don't know how much it means to me

  3. i can do zombs royal by not copieng with chris channel

  4. who knew that there will be new comment

  5. I made it in black and white style! (Like Undertale)

  6. very nice tutorial just wanna say ur guy realods faster than me pls help

  7. i need help, whenever i tap left or right arrow key it makes him spin while moving, is there a way i can fix it?

  8. the enemies aren't being deleted when shot

  9. somehow the zombie lives function doesn't work for me, can anyone help me?

  10. it's not shooting on the gun why can ou say

  11. the video that started my love in making scratch games

  12. Hi, War fame. This video really helped me, but can you make another video using the Scratch in the 3.0 version? I'm getting confused……

  13. In the new scratch i dont know How to fill the backdrop, im stuck.

  14. Thanks bro and I just made this game for mobile too (tbh I just slapped in a joystick and a shooting button but I also added a bit more features to the game I will make it public soon)

  15. sigh i cant do it. It always shoots on the walls

  16. please help i did everything right but the bullet won't follow the gun

  17. What do i do when my bullet is not going out from the gun but appearing out of thin air?

  18. i will give you a subcribe because this is helpful. keep up the good work

  19. Anyother tip is you can use glide blank seconds to player or the sprite

  20. idk why, but when i shoot the bullets, they just stop on the side then i cant fire again

    (Edit) they also freeze in the air idk why

  21. im stuck my bullet only points upwards or sideways and doenst even come out the gun it comes out me

  22. its a gooooooooooood uh video i wish i can program it

  23. Okay so, 3:40 was confusing. I am using the newer version of scratch, and I couldn't find that block. I soon figured out that if you go to sensing you need to get a backdrop# of stage block and what you need to do is take the stage and put it at sprite 1 and then take the x position which will appear and then make it direction and put it in the point in a direction. I really hope this helps:) Sorry if it was confusing. Quick tip! If the video is too fast pause the video, go to the settings icon, and go to .75 it will be better.

  24. Thx a lot now I can prove that my friends SUCK at programming and SUCK at making zombies in game

  25. i know this video is old but it helped me a lot, thanks!

  26. I kinda changed it so it points to the curser and left click to shoot

  27. bro this helped me so much i am making a game with multiple enemies and stuff, thank you

  28. I used this tutorial years ago. It's amazing to see people still following it 😉

  29. this is a great Tutorial! but the bullet direction does not work 🙁

  30. Is there any help out there. I have a blind client whom I teach to code using Java. Beside this, she had enrolled for a university computer science course. They have given her coursework, creating a program using Scratch. I have tried to import Javascript ( which she can do ) into Scratch. This can work. Do any of you have a better idea, how can I help a blind person to create a Scratch project. Please , this is a real question. I am trying to avoid asking the uni for some understanding and drop the requirement for her.

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