Screen Mirroring Apps with FREE Keyboard mapping | Shooting Games | TC GAMES vs MIRROID 💥USB Control -

Screen Mirroring Apps with FREE Keyboard mapping | Shooting Games | TC GAMES vs MIRROID 💥USB Control

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Hey Guys, in this video, I aim at showing you screen mirroring tools with freely customizable keyboard mapping.

Please note the some of the tools have completely free features, while some have partially free and paid , while others are fully paid.

In this video I play TC games and Mirroid, I explore features of each app and gaming experience with keymapping in a demo shooting game.
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KeyBoard Mapping in the tools is as follows;
Mirroid : Fully Free :
TC Games: Partially Free :
Apower Mirror: Fully Paid :
AweSun: Fully Paid :

00:00 Introducing four tools that support keyboard mapping
02:05 Exploring features of TC Games app
15:54 Playing FPS game on TC games app
20:44 Exploring features of Mirroid app
23:06 Playing FPS Game on Mirroid app

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  1. Tc games is best but mobile needs more performance😅

  2. Bro content : video editing app tips & tricks

  3. I guess then mirroid is best because it doesnt have watermark and we can listen sound

  4. Does Mirroid need any VIP thing??

  5. LOL
    He only greets gays xD , very selective this youtuber :_v

  6. Who knows how to fix joystick stuck problem in mirroid? Pls, thanks you!

  7. In tc games fortnite can't run cause of usb debugging

  8. Pls Tell my why on mirroid wont save key mapping, thanks!

  9. hey gays.. addressing his community and faithful viewers.. very specific niche you got there bro.. hahahah

  10. Watch my video it is a tc games gameplay of BGMi 🙏 thank you ☺️☺️

  11. Mirroid is good, but not for FPS/shooting games.

  12. Why my tc games is black screen any tips?

  13. TC games not good for competitive games, unless you have flagship phone. Yes even with VIP account

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