so i played the Plants vs Zombies shooting game... -

so i played the Plants vs Zombies shooting game…

Bijuu Mike
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I found out plants vs zombies has a multiplayer shooting game called Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare and its kinda fun and cursed at the same time and there’s like 5 people online

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  1. wtf bijuu mike is playing garden warfare?? you should SO do more of this + the campaign

  2. wow content on this game getting over 100k views? lets go, this is a great game

  3. Pc version is ruined by hackers just play the console version instead.

  4. PvZ Garden Warfare was just better than the new games

  5. I remember playing this with my brother all the time

  6. As a console player who doesn't encounter hackers, wow. Is PC really this bad?? Ew…

  7. I haven’t played this game for years (maybe almost a decade?? Idk when it came out tho), I remember I used to play it every time I went over to my friends house and I struggled a lot because I wasn’t used to Xbox controls, so happy you’re playing this though, it’s one of my favorite childhood games 🙂

  8. Do t play multiplayer if you want to get cool skins

  9. ما اقدر اكمل المقطع صعب شخص عنده 2000 ساعه في السلسله يشوف واحد اول مره يلعبها ويسوي كل شي غلط

  10. It's great that a big content creator mentions this game. This is definitely one of the best multiplayer shooters out there

  11. I have that game and still have it for 3 year and the game is good and hope you play more

  12. And how did you get a hacker in the first round

  13. This game still has a small community, not a lot of people play now because there are server problems, much more populated on consolea

  14. Day 1 of asking you to play forza horizon 5

  15. please please please make more videos about plants vs zombies garden warfare 2, you should really try out garden ops or graveyard ops or even the singleplayer campaign they are all really cool


  17. Wtf is the background of his setup💀

  18. bijuu for the first time u played this game ur really good

  19. bro that guy was reviving you and you resp brooooo

  20. Is no one going to talk about how there was one of those god sunflowers in his multiplayer match?

  21. Those are people that download mods. That giant glowing flower is an actual plant boss. You cannot play bosses of any kind at all whoever there are two characters that you can get. One of them on each team. A stump of wood named torch-wood. And a goat with a hoverboard named hover goat. Keep in mind that torch-wood is not really big. Kinda a miniature size of the actual torch-wood boss.

    Edit those massive robots are called Z-mechs that have a long cooldown but when ready the imp character can call in a robot with insane health. You get variants of the imp that have their own mech.

  22. Rule number one on this game is to NEVER play on pc

  23. the first garden warfare was literally my whole childhood oh my god, i would play it all the time on my dad's ps3, watching this made me really happy even tho its the second game that i was never able to play lmao

  24. So much hackers those big characters are hackers but the wood icon with blue fire is hackers and one with red fire not hackers

  25. I am one of the modders in this video, NO FUCKIN WAY

  26. The hackers* are the gamees bosses thats why they have so much healthq

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