Super Mario 64 as a First Person Shooter -

Super Mario 64 as a First Person Shooter

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Super Mario 64 has always been a near perfect game…
Luckily, the game just required a rocket launcher to fix it up.
Huge shoutout to @MixMorris for creating this beautiful nightmare.

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Thank you to my friends who were scarred by Gun Mario
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Intro Peach VA

Miscellaneous GFX

Outro Animation

Outro Music


➤ Super Mario 64 Soundtrack:
➤ SADX (Sadness):
➤ Sanctuary Guardians:
➤ Moonview Highway:
➤ Halo Theme:
➤ Final Hours:
➤ Home – We’re Finally Landing:


  1. It would be so awesome it would be so cool

  2. Nice try modder! The crossair is the one from left 4 dead 2! Stolen content!

  3. hahaha every Redead deserves to be gunned down, this was Epic

  4. damn mario 3d all stars lookin diffrent nowadays

  5. Next big Nintendo game: crash bandit-coot! Crash with a gun!

  6. This guy is a wet blanket among his friends

  7. The first first person shooter,
    Me I grew up with lots of guns including a rifle, a shotgun and a revolver

  8. Truly the Goomba is stronger than the bowser

  9. “For his neutral special he wields a gun”

  10. I love how Adriana’s first reaction to this game was being surprised while Jacob was craving blood in the first 5 minutes

  11. This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen

  12. man this game is the very definition of cutting corners

  13. Oh hey, it's Fyrus who is really dumb sometimes

  14. Adriana's saddened voice when Jacob shoots things reminds me of my friend that I like.

  15. Gahddayum, dem dere 'Murican loca-lee-zay-shuns be mahty srtahnge, ah tellz ya wh'ut.

  16. You kill the womps with the rpg/rocket launcher

  17. Anti-Dumbsville (IsaacInfernape2000) (18+) says:

    Gun Mario 2 – Attack of the Commentary Community FT. LeafyIsHere, LSMark and TurkeyTom on the Nintendo GameCube

  18. I know a real person that thinks this would be better than every mario game

  19. why did I get an add about poop transplants.
    made me laugh tho


  21. The worst part of the video was Adriana she knows it's a game right?

  22. The goomba at the end is a metaphor for Mario's guilt for shooting the penguin

  23. I wish they could do that with Yoshi’s island. Yoshi remains my favourite character from the Mario universe (I only played SM64 on the DS) and the idea of being able to control him shooting goombas and flinging grenades with his tongue makes me… absurdly happy

  24. 19:06 why did they get the littlebigplanet jetpack into an fps game?

  25. Speedrunner Mario is at a whole new level now, be afraid. (TerminalMontage reference lol)

  26. I love how Mario holds everything in one hand. Even an anti-material rifle that should definitely be breaking his wrist.

  27. Mario but everyone’s a better person than usual

  28. Uh kinda weird question to ask but can I be your friend on discord?

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