The 11 best FPS games on PC -

The 11 best FPS games on PC

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The best first person shooter games on PC, as decided by the super-suit scientists over at PCGamesN. (Half-Life 3 not included).

00:17 – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
00:50 – Half-Life
01:27 – Half-Life 2
02:08 – Rainbow Six Siege
02:38 – Left 4 Dead 2
03:06 – Far Cry 3
03:37 – Doom
04:08 – Call of Duty 2
04:39 – Unreal Tournament
05:11 – Overwatch
05:34 – Quake III Arena

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  1. do us a favour remove overwatch and add tf2 instead overwatch sucks

  2. Man we are screwed if these are the best fps games ever!

  3. 1:03 How the hell did you get down to six health on that point?! And turn off those goddamned HD Models!

  4. the heck is this doom game, it's like mario on far cry 1 island

  5. "Call Of Duty 2": low fps and not alot of storage used!
    Me and my £700 laptop which is filled with stuff: umm ok, let's try this: "600GB needed, 2 FPS"

  6. You know Valve is a good game company when the first 3 games in the video are by them

  7. every top 10 is literally the same games. there are hundreds if not thousands of games, and all I see is the same 8/10.

  8. why is wolfenstein never on these lists????????

  9. Ah man. Titanfall 2 would be in here if this video was in October. Dont know why saying this in 2020

  10. Seems you forgot FEAR, Bioshock, Wolfenstein,

  11. I beat FarCry 3 and FarCry 4 and FarCry New Dawn but FarCry Primal? It's hard lol . . .


  13. overwatch in low end pc? you gotta be kidding

  14. Your naming of games everyone has be more creative

  15. There is no way in fucking hell that csgo is low spec

  16. Can you please provide the far cry 3 link ?

  17. valorant
    VALORANT: Riot Games’ competitive 5v5 character-based tactical shooter (

  18. i literally said if theres no far cry 3 dislike 100% and there is far cry 3 in the list the legendary game

  19. Bruh I really did hold shift through the whole vid.

  20. Everything is fake I have i7 8th gen 500 NV intel card and I can’t run csgo even at 30 fps

  21. You need a grafik card 100% for all these games this guide is fake

  22. Video:Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 and Call of duty Modern Warfare aren't here


  23. your trash at making video game recommendations just stop

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