The Battle of Fallujah Simulator That Released Today - Six Days in Fallujah (Early Access) -

The Battle of Fallujah Simulator That Released Today – Six Days in Fallujah (Early Access)

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0:00 Intro
0:35 Gameplay
30:25 Day 1 Review and Thoughts


  1. “We’ve got enemy snipers on the area, ROE says that you cannot engage”

    Well fuck me then am I rite

  2. why is there aiming with ironsights over the acog???

  3. I was in the battle of Fallujah, 2nd Infantry Division, 103rd Combat Engineers 2nd Company 4th Platoon.

    We provided AAA service to marine motorized units, changing flat tires, removing IED's and fixing breakdowns.

    I was a 68W otherwise known as a combat medic. It was hell, at one point we had support orders from maybe 30 seperate formations. To put it in simple terms, if you caught a flat you could be sitting there immobolized for up to 24hrs before we had a chance to come around.

  4. America is excellent at winning battles…wars? Not so much.

  5. I'm really lovin the voice chat, that echoes when you're in a building and shit. nice!

  6. Why were games made 15 years ago much more realistic, had more detail and more entertaining

  7. i wonder what actual soldiers think

  8. Sound design is insane. Having the players' voices echo inside of buildings is incredible.

  9. Hi guys thumb up for you did you try Hidden and dangerous 2? is for free and simulation game, after years servers full tirst and third person view

  10. Same crap as usual, nothing that great

  11. No PVP
    No sprint n slide
    Cluckey vault mechanics
    Unable to play as insurgents

    I say less than 500 hrs playability
    $35-$40 @ best

  12. Ahhhh yes. That time when the worlds largest military went in to slaughter a bunch of poor people who were literally protecting their homes from invading foreign nations….. US military is a joke. Dudes feel like bad asses killing poor people, like bro, you have UNLIMITED BILLIONS OF DOLLARS behind you…. The people of Afghanistan have collectively like, 10…

    This game is a War crime simulation, good job, USA

  13. ooh man! i wish Arma was this good definitely something i was looking for

  14. I wanted to yell at you for flagging your teammates with your rifle. lol

  15. cant find it in the playstation store for ps5

  16. Lol as an Iraqi, Fallujah is now clean from the dirty pigfucker imperialists. They only win in videogames and movies. God bless The Mother Of Mosques.

  17. Damn son the only thing missing from this game is the smell

  18. I thought it was gonna be harder. So, only a headshot will kill you instantly?

  19. He got shot like six times with no consequence…realistic?

  20. Turn the DPI down on your mouse man, it's jumping all over the place

  21. Hey Veterans, would you like to relive the worst day of your life? Well now you can, with The Battle of Fallujah!!!

  22. The friendly casualty at 26:30 is a great example of the importance of violence of action. Lead man took too long to move and was preoccupied with the room on the right while blocking the rest of the team from securing the hallway and room at the end. If it's a team of 4, all of you should be moving together into rooms with your rear man staying behind (outside of the room facing down the hallway at an angle) to cover ahead, assuming you have friendly forces behind you. You guys are very lucky that all of you didn't die there because in reality you all would be DONE-ion rings. Also, because this is a video game that doesn't seem to include weapons malfunctions I'll give it a pass, but your SAW gunner should never be your point man in any situation because open bolt weapon systems are prone to fail to fire when the bolt is sent forward. If that SAW goes "kachunk" when he pulls the trigger, you're all dead.

    If you take gunfire through a doorway or window that's right next to you, that's an immediate grenade or flashbang. Don't bother kicking the door open without it.

    Also, small rooms you encounter are "short rooms" but I guess you can call out whatever works for you and your team.

  23. A war crime turns to a video game !

  24. I’m digging this game , would like to see AI Marines fighting as you head towards your objective

  25. Uhh the indoor prox chat echoing 3d positional audio is amazing.

  26. This is the first I’ve heard of this game, looks awesome.

    How is the game itself structured? Is it going to be kind of similar to cod and have individual missions you complete or is the city going to be an open world type map which you slowly have fight through and liberate piece by piece? Would be wild if they did that and also placed a whole bunch of civilians in the city as well and the game kept a tally on how many you accidentally killed (idk if they would be too bleak for a game tbh but it would be pretty engaging to replay the game and try to get as little as possible).

  27. 8:43 was so damn cinematic. They were casually talking then homie gets sniped. That's some real war horror shit right there.

  28. America wins in games and movies only, but the effect is otherwise

  29. This game is really fucking bad… Like incredibly bad. And you will get banned or blocked from anywhere or anyone if you criticize it in the least bit…

  30. Crazy that there is a game now. I was in the second battle of fallujah. In december of 2004. Insane realism. Kinda

  31. Its wouldv been more realistic if the game put, The iraqi soldiers. they were out numbering any foreign military. and they were in the frontline… these american devloppers must start putting some reality in their games.. this sense of American exceptionalism is a very dangerous thing to do the american youth.. remember that most of the wars in the middle east region were waged by america.. and those countries were destroyed, invaded, n occupied by america. same thing for FALLUJAH. iraq was destroyed by America.
    but somehow every game i see about war. i see the americans like the heros. and arabs are the antagonist. which is not true

  32. When is this game even going to be released on console? They've been saying a bunch of crap and nothing. This company needs to stop being stupid and give us an answer.

  33. 😡🖕🇺🇲✝️✡


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