The BEST FPS Game I've Played in YEARS! -

The BEST FPS Game I’ve Played in YEARS!

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Out of Action is a new multiplayer/ singleplayer FPS game set in a brutal cyberpunk universe and is being developed by just one person! This game genuinely has some of the best shooter mechanics I’ve ever experienced. Special thanks to @dokugames (the dev) for setting up this playtest so that we could capture some early gameplay! Leave a like if you enjoy the video and subscribe for more. Thanks for watching!

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0:00 Out of Action
1:15 Introduction
3:40 Assault Rifle
8:17 Minigun
9:30 Rocket Launcher
11:06 Bolt Action Rifle
15:57 LMG / Final Thoughts

♫ Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
Intro Song: Canines – Cushy
Outro Song: Ballin Like – Azucares

▶ The BEST FPS Game I’ve Played in YEARS!


  1. This looks like a seriously great game that will inevitably be ruined by cheaters like every other online FPS. The dev should consider selling the game to a company that has the resources to combat cheating, otherwise it's DOA.

  2. I would love to see a sequel to the underrated XIII game with this look and gamefeel. Looks awesome.

  3. Remember me Fear – Multiplayer so good!

  4. why does the "bolt action rifle" have no animation for pulling back the bolt

  5. This kinda seems like a modernised mix of neotokyo + blacklight retribution. looks promising!

  6. This has to be fully realized. It's so clean and fast and the animation is perfect. It's so unique it needs full time development. You could get rich or richer if it has a decent playable story line.

  7. Aw, man, this looks sooooo damn good! Doku should be really proud, this is amazing. Good to see Jack over here as well. Man, too bad, that I just hate playing multiplayer games. If this had a story campaign I would love it to death. The mechanics, it looks like it feels amazing to play, oozes style… well, gonna watch a lot of other guys play, though, that was really fun. Your bolt-action skills were really impressive, man!

  8. it was very fun and chill to watch this love how chill the vc is no one screaming no one flaming just 6 man having fun

  9. great, can't even fuckin play it anywhere. lame

  10. Takes me back to mid 2000's playing Half-Life mod "The Specialists". Take my money!!

  11. this somehow feels and looks like the show highrise invasion

  12. This is basically what I hoped the return of the mw franchise would be like. Just without these swords

  13. Yeah that intro had no justification to go this hard

  14. Bouncing bullets with kitchen knife? WOW What a bullshit 😀

  15. They're gonna do a mythbusters series on this game, mark my words.

  16. 𝓬𝓵𝓪𝓾𝓼𝓮𝓪𝓫𝓵𝓮 says:


  17. Guys remember he’s friends with the devs 💀

  18. I'm getting so much Ghost in the Shell vibes from this game I want it now D:

  19. No ps5 yet? Is there any game similar to this one on Ps5?

  20. Minor detail – hammer needs to be cocked back on sa/da pistols (beretta 92). At least after the first da shot…

  21. the visuals are awesome! looks like an anime cartoon

  22. The montage at the beginning brings me back every time to this video, gud job dude

  23. Kudos to the guy who made this game, and thanks YouTube for recommending someone new to watch for once.

  24. ONE guy is making this??! Wow. After he sells this game I'm sure he'll be able to hire people.

  25. the movement in this game feels a lot like The Duel

  26. never seen any bolt any rifle with no bolt action animation

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