The Best Tactical Shooter I've Ever Played! - ZERO HOUR -

The Best Tactical Shooter I’ve Ever Played! – ZERO HOUR

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Checking out a new Tactical FPS game which is really starting to make waves called Zero Hour! This is not your typical run and gun shooter. It’s a thinking-man’s game where strategy, planning and good teamwork is essential! I’ve played many tactical shooters over the years but this one really surprised me! Leave a like if you enjoy the video. Thank for watching!

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About the game:
Zero Hour is a tactical FPS with online team-based game play that takes place in a variety of fictional locations interpreted in Bangladesh with Real-life scale & resource management. It brings a grounded, close quarter combat experience to the game. Zero Hour a serious slow-paced tactical shooter where good teamwork, tactics & planning is important. This is not a run and gun game

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▶ The Best Tactical Shooter I’ve Ever Played! – ZERO HOUR Gameplay


  1. Of Course it should be awesome because it is a game of Bangladesh based on true events

  2. The game is deader than ever please revive it. I beg you. There’s 20 players in American servers max at all times

  3. This game is really run but its so dead i cant find any multiplayer games pvp or pve

  4. This is hands down the single most tactical game I have ever seen. More so than Arma, Squad, even Ready or Not. I can really see this game becoming the next big thing in hardcore tactical shooters.

  5. yes i am farming these guys….

    immediately after geting banged while laying on the back XD <3

  6. Hey, just wondering if there is a way to play with others. The matchmaking seems pretty dead and can’t find anyone to play with 🙁 I recently bought the game so wondering if there are any alternate ways to find players, (also, I have found the discord for it but it just wasn’t viable and couldn’t find any players). Thanks! 😀

  7. If you're a fan of slow/tactical shooters (Groundbranch, Zero Hour, Ready or Not) are the pinnacle of the genre.

    All three are equally excellent and scratch the tactical itch in many different ways. I play Groundbranch for smaller community game sessions and mil-sim experience. Ready or Not for close quarters engagements and superior gameplay. Zero Hour for smooth animation and constant mission surprises.

    If you ask me, I'd say Zero Hour isn't as good as GB and RoN. However, it is an excellent game and can't wait for updates.

  8. Literally my favorite game but barely populated.. idk how . Its so amazing in my opinion

  9. man I hated it cause the servers were always empty

  10. you can play like squad/solo with npcs something like hostage rescue i heard!

  11. Tell am i the only one who. Thinks that this game needs friendly bots? Something similar to what was is S.W.A.T 4

  12. this game is really nice its sad i cant find any people playing this now even on pvp or coop.

  13. And now it's a season title for one of the worst shooters

  14. I found this emoji that looks like your aiming on a gun. ~~ 》 ¤

  15. This game is mind blowing 😍
    Seems like must-try game

  16. This game is mind blowing 😍
    Seems like must-try game

  17. This game looks awesome. Great Jon showing the game !

  18. It is pretty good, but I've decided to uninstall and wait a few more months for them to fix important stuff. My main problem here is that half the time npc shoot me without even drawing a gun. Few times I've even been shot at when there were standing almost with their back to me. Last thing I see is they shoot a gun into the ground but somehow it finds my face on the floor and I'm dead. This and a few more nit bits need fixin and then it's a great game. Though without bots, still not as good as Swat 4, since there's basically no playerbase here to play against, not everyone has friends for coop and pvp is anyway not really what swat 4 was about.

  19. "Its not the prettiest game youve ever seen" bro what?? The graphics look pretty good lmao.

  20. I really love the fact that you have to proove that you're capable of playing the game with real people, such a cool move by the developers, must buy game for sure!

  21. Its just siege for men if you play with randoms

  22. Game is absolutly dead, you'll be lucky to match up with a player to chat with while u wait.

  23. i have a QUESTION how can you hear other people? because when I play the game (I am new) and I go into a public lobby I CANNOT HEAR ANYONE ON THE RADIO

  24. looks poor quality,but then again gaming is going rapidly down hill.

  25. Hello Tom, im your new follow, i remember i was watching your videos when i was a young kid… And now im here again and im really happy to see you playing on of my fav games

  26. I am a Bangladeshi and I can say that it is the first game developed in Bangladesh which hit in other countries

  27. Definitely subscribed after this vid

  28. Haven’t watched the vid yet but am very excited. I loved the clean house mission from Warzone and wanted more like it. I’ve played that level a handful of times but didn’t know of any games that were like that. Also really loved the stealth missions from the spec ops missions in the old MW games. Stoked for the vid and maybe a new game. Love the content man! Keep it up!

  29. Sometimes it's a good idea to practise a bit and train your reflexes.

    Shooting Practise (Oculus app lab) is pretty good.

  30. if only there was a game like this but it has the same mechanics and gunplay as eft

  31. The game is legit, we all must honor the GOAT… and the roots of this game, Rainbow Six

  32. FFS , I'm gonna have to build a PC /Laptop – Playstation is Rubbish

  33. Yo man, goose here, I must say I'm happy you're giving the game some much needed attention, I can definitely see it growing substantially in the future and being endlessly improved upon by a loving development team. Both games I've played with you have been the most fun I've had on zero hour, in all honesty I had no idea the games were being recorded but I'm glad I made myself look good, ggs bro.

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