The BEST VR FPS Games Available NOW (Quest 2, PCVR) -

The BEST VR FPS Games Available NOW (Quest 2, PCVR)

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Hello! Today we are going to take a look at 5 of the most highly played VR FPS games and compare them to find out which on is my favorite and maybe figure out which one is your favorite! It seems like I actually have found my new favorite… Doesn’t matter whether you’re QUest 2 or SteamVR, there’s something for you!

Today we’re looking at:


Pavlov Shack on AppLab


Population One:

And my new personal favorite.. Contractors:


  1. Honestly I tried Onward PC, Zero Caliber PC, Contractors PC, Pavlov Quest 2, Contractors Quest 2 and for me the Contractors is the most fun. My graphic card died so now I play just Quest 2 Contractors, but the game is so much fun it’s like COD and counter strike. There’s a lot maps from COD Modern Warfare and the game is so good and nostalgia hits you when you play modded COD MW maps in VR, which is totally awesome. Eventually bought ProMagtube gun stock and planning buy tacsuit haptic vest, Contractors is my #1

  2. One that didn't make it onto this list that I'd like to hear your opinion on is Gun Raiders.

  3. FPS is one of the best genre for VR. It even outshined traditional mouse and keyboard PC in intuitive control, actual aim, more satisfying kills, and genuine shooting experience.

  4. Surprised to not see anyone talking about H3VR (Hotdogs Horseshoes & Hand grenades)

  5. am i crazy for noticing that ThrillSeeker and Habie147 sound kinda alike?

  6. if this doesnt specifically mention version 1.7 for pcvr regards to onward… then the title is wrong.
    also, some good upcoming pcvr games are: 'Geronimo' (pcvr and quest 2 standalones) and 'ghosts of tabor' (pcvr and quest 2 crossplay… unfortunately)

    and lest we forget the gunman contracts mod for half life alyx. its missing decent gun controls and two handed weapon support, and two handed weapons. but its still a great vr handgun only fps, lol.

  7. mentioning onward and never mentioning how fun pve is with other players hunting down.enemy ai. Then mentioning deathmatch and gungame in its place? those game modes, or at least gun game, should not even be in onward. that is not what it is about. play pavlov for that.

  8. Great Habie reference been watching him for about the same time as you love both of your content. Onwards got to be my favorite even though I've only played single player and my right controller broke but I loved what I saw.

  9. People say onward is competitive I definitely do not play it that way💀

  10. Me personally I think onward is my favorite..although I rarely play it because the community around it doesn't take it as seriously as I'd want them to. So I normally end up sticking to Contractors.

  11. Come on!! We need you to become a vrchat girl for a week, it’d be such a good video

  12. I am genuinely so excited for an inevitable veil quest version

  13. hyperscape was a big game that I loved when it came out for open beta, but then when people had to pay just a little bit I haven't seen it like anywhere since. Not very many people talk about it anymore that I know of.

  14. you should make a video on a concept for a tarkov vr, that game in vr would be the end of me in every way, I would still play it

  15. I would be interested in a r6 seige style game for vr. Heck even the extraction spin off would be great.

  16. For me is Contractors.
    Best multiplayer with a lot of potential and customs maps are insane

  17. Dude. If you think Pavlov is not competitive its def because Vail paid you to say that. Pavlov has the biggest vr competitive scene of any vr game. Pretty much everyone I know that's good thinks Vail is garbo.

  18. For real, please remove the building from population one 😂 such a terrible idea. Hated it in fortnight too

  19. Hyper Dash is best all other games are irrelevant

  20. The latest update for contractors has bugged it out hard, I’ve recorded heaps of footage on how bad it is, so now your weapon can hit other objects and players weapons but the weapons get stuck and the reticle doesn’t always show up it’s a nightmare and I hope it gets fixed because the whole feel has changed for the worse and i don’t know if that’s worth sacrificing just to ad a crouch function

  21. I think WARDUST should of had a call out here somewhere. It's battlefield in vr.

  22. Omgggggg… bro this guy says take away building from pop one one more time I swear….building isn’t actually too essential to the game like Fortnite. it’s needed for dt battles and such but it’s not really like building a skyscraper like in Fortnite. It’s more for defeance or getting to the target without getting hit. Of coarse you should use build if you get shot out of now where; but usually if your good at the game you will have good map awareness of we’re the enemies are at and always be flying and working the hard cover. Everything you do has strategy to it, how you approach the enemy or which enemy do you fight? Should you stay in zone or be aggressive? It’s as much of a strategy game as a skill game. I might be able to hit a few tiny pixels on my quest two in .2 seconds but that doesn’t mean anything if I don’t take the right coarse of action and lead my team to the finish. Also, no depth? Do you know how many mechanics there are? By the way you hold the gun, click the button, reload it, aim it, and all of this in the action of the moment. it really confuses me by what you mean by low depth. Like I spent 7 hours a day at one point on my awp in the training part just so that I can no scope and it payed off, I could kill a person in a second at times with a head shot body shot but only from short to medium range I’m not that sweaty. And you say no depth. Maybe your just a little mad because your pretty bad… or maybe not to be honest I have had trouble with the game too the strategy is hard and you need good players on your team, familiar players who can work together too bad playing with ransoms sucks. I played with a person who camped on a tree and told me not to shoot unless he said so. And so when the enemy team easily finds him he doesn’t say anything and then when I loose the 1v3 he calls me retarded. And now i usually hot drop and survive even maybe fend of a team and then my other two “teammates” had podded to metro, and they both died before I even meet a single player even get to shoot them. So yeah pop ones got problems, sweaty squads being the only player base except for ransoms that always drop metro, and you can’t even win unless your in a sweaty squad which you have to devote your life to. But is building the problem? No. Is it related to fortnight? Barely, population one is way more diverse in its combat. No scopes, quick scopes. Dt reloads, ak recoil control. All of this while build and fly and aiming and strategizing and trying to predict you opponent. All of this snitch you have to do the real life motions except for clicking a button to climb; or moving a cursor on a linear range of movement.any way I probably mistyped to many things to fix and on my phone. The comments are being weird so imma end it here, good luck reading this mess

  23. As a PC player I hate when I get downgraded for others to play, but at the same time it means way more players.

  24. Devs haven’t abandoned pavlov pc. They are just making the update for pc better and a lot of improvements. They are making a huge update rn

  25. "Sometimes, i don't wear pants at all." -ThrillSeeker, 2022.

  26. The only thing I want from onward is a 50 v 50 mode with vehicles and bigger maps

  27. Onward Is my probably my second favorite game for vr.

  28. You should advise vail to add their game to quest

  29. God I LOVE Contractors. I'm gonna go play it now!

  30. That vail tournament is ivrl. They used to have an onward league I competed in but they left it out to rot cause of vail

  31. Onward on cargo against league players is fun af it’s more fast paced

  32. I prefer Zero Caliber Reloaded

    Has campaign (23 Missions)
    Survival and
    Co-Op and PVP

    Has had some regular updates
    with mods and updated graphics coming in the next update

    Have to play to earn in game money to buy better weapons (40+)
    and skins (100+) and
    attachments (50+)

    The PVP bots are really good at aiming and taking you out.

  33. Vail is great, but laggy as hell on low end PCs

  34. “Sometimes I don’t wear pants at all!”-Thrillseeker, 2022

  35. Pavlov is just the best for me, you said its not competitive but when I'm popping off and carrying my team 1v5, it definitely makes people try a bit harder. This is on quest though and I know you are a PC player, so the environment might be different. Pavlov is definitely competitive though.

  36. Contractors… guys jumping sliding around and scoring insta HSs… whats not to love about that trash? 🙂

  37. I love Onward for guns and ttk.

    Movement and graphics are the best in pavlov. I would love to see those two games combined

  38. Yo! I would highly, HIGHLY recommend the game Hyper Dash! It is a 5v5 team-based shooter with extremely fast-paced gameplay. Probably the best non-realistic shooter I've ever played!

  39. The absolute best feeling VR shooter is Contractors, no competition.

  40. welp bone works has a multiplayer mod

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