The First Descendant - New Free To Play Looter Shooter (Project Magnum) -

The First Descendant – New Free To Play Looter Shooter (Project Magnum)

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Here is a brand new MMORPG from Nexon Called First Descendant which aims to take on the same space as Destiny and Warframe

The First Descendant is a third-person cooperative action RPG shooter in which you can play as Descendants who inherited the unknown powers and make them stronger to fight against the invaders and protect humans.

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  1. oh nexon , i know them as the people who dropped durango wildlands

  2. Giant orb from space… Giant walls around a city… Definitely looks like Destiny 🤔

  3. This is how they get you: Amazing gameplay, amazing visuals, amazing trailer overall.

    But then you find out it's another Korean free to play online/live-service game with a generic story and MTX that could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long term.

    Yep, another game that's only meant for whales. It's by Nexon so that should already be a big red flag if anything. Time to write this one off and move onto the next game.

  4. It looks great but it looks alot like destiny alot.

  5. Hopefully, they aren’t hiding things behind micro transactions

  6. Looter shooter? Godfall Looter slasher? Ahaha flop.

  7. all smoke and mirrors with no real substance. cash shop nightmare. no thanks.

  8. I wonder if this is first person or third person perspective. So far, I've seen Desiny-esque items – ghosts, the traveler (only this one here is black, and grappling which will come to Destiny Lightfall next year. Hmmmmm….

  9. I can't believe how much of a destiny clone this is. 😳 shamelessly so. I don't mind it makes bungie wake-up a bit, but damn this is the most derivative game I think I've ever seen.

  10. Any f2p game is 100 times more expensive than game you need to purchase

  11. "…various characters with unique skillsets…" – like, this is Frost, here is Vauban, and… and any more yet? Valkyre's hook doesn't count, it is nerfed and available to anyone.

    No parkour system, movement system looks slow. I guess I'm back to Warframe for now.

  12. Ugh I don’t trust korean mmo developers or games bc it’s all about looks and cash shops

  13. Hope it is good I am bored of Destiny 2.😵‍💫

  14. if its in 3rd person, im willing to try it, im getting tired of these first person perspective. i mean u cant see your character -_-

  15. I really hope this isn't just another really amazing and potentially revolutionizing game, that is just never seen again.

  16. How do you sign up for console users or will the sign up page take care of that?

  17. I have high hopes for this game! Hope they don't mess it up this time and I also hope that this game will be just like warframe

  18. nexon…..dont know…feels bullsh…

  19. Game looks good but it'll probably be half finished like every other AAA games nowadays

  20. Yeah Godfall was promising too but how it ended? Better wait for some reviews from gameplay.

  21. After being a long term Nexon player I can tell no matter how good this game looks I'll only enjoy it a 4th of how much I think I would after seeing how much everything in the game is gonna cost.

  22. Yea a free2play game that looks this good is clearly only designed to profit from overpriced micro transactions and passes.

  23. im hyped bout this, and cant wait for arc raiders

  24. ah. made by nexxon. welp im already out. fuckers only make cash graabs

  25. This will become pay to progress and eventually become pay to win as well since its Nexon… Sigh

  26. No armor change as you pickup = trash money grabber game.

  27. Remember Outriders ? Yeah ..Me either ,and seeing a big ball coming out of the sky just like the Traveler from Destiny ? C'mon this is a hard pass !

  28. i played the 6 day beta on steam.. sooooo wanted the game to be good, man.. played division 1 for the longest time till the 2nd game came out and fucked everything in the bussy.. was hoping this game was bring back the OG tps gameplay and pvpve objective based activities back.

    the gameplay was subpar at best, there is absolutely no life or personality in the characters, story or level design. the grappling hook is pretty good and thats about it. almost everything else is like a really cheap korean mmo with the 'UE5' namesake. i'd wager as far as to say that this is probably gona be recorded as the worst UE5 game ever released, at least in the beta stage.

    it took me some time but i wrote it off ultimately.. this is definitely not how i wana remember my first UE5 experience. so unfortunate indeed.

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