The Game That Stephen Curry Became The Greatest Shooter Of All Time! -

The Game That Stephen Curry Became The Greatest Shooter Of All Time!

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The Game That Stephen Curry Became The Greatest Shooter Of All Time!


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  1. His body language is like every shot he hits is the most impressive thing he's ever done.

  2. Good ka idol the best game ever 👍👍👍👍👍

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  5. Does anyone not notice the 3pt line turns orange at 2:24 but it remain blue before and after that happened?

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  7. Its not normal its like he just throws them up and prays

  8. That Bang-Bang comment just elevated this to a whole other level making that shot even more iconic

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  11. I really hate I didn't see this live. This is like Kobe's 81 point game or Isaiah's 16 points in 90 seconds.

  12. Cmon, srsly?… Yes į watched that once more time.. damn

  13. The exaggerated swagger of a lightskin point guard

  14. Tip: When you want to say something is historic… put the date in the description.

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  16. So we're going to ignore the fact that he also got fouled on that last shot?? Game should've been over right there with .06 on the clock.

  17. But u curry Carrie's his team but Durant better than lebron com on..curry lebron been carry there teams..with out there robin..

  18. Durant: “Cant beat them, join them” ☝️😎

  19. Stephan can't shoot like me. Curry got game. I give credit where credit dew

  20. There's still a better chance of Tom Brady making a super bowl appearance than there is Curry making a 3-point shot lol

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  22. Curru scores 3x three pts in a row to a lead and a few clips later, GS falls back another 5 pts. Looks like GS ain't much of a game.

  23. Back in the day when he wasn’t getting triple teamed

  24. He's been da greatest shooter since 2015 change my mind

  25. He did all that scoring and they still almost lost

  26. Do they turn on the magnets for Curry?…lol

  27. steph curry wishes he could shoot like larry bird.

  28. This was quite insane; one of the best shooting performances I've ever seen, only challenged by Klay's 60 in 3 quarters (and kobe's 81 of course)

  29. KD says, if you cant beat them, join them after this hahaha

  30. If he tied for the record… how does that make him the greatest exactly?

  31. The best shooter in history is Larry Bird people

  32. Thunder tech team on moday: yo bro lets not do this line thing again

  33. Durant:
    “Aight.. Ima head out..😐”

  34. Steph aint the best shooter of all time.He is the best three point shooter. To be the best shooter must be the best in midrange, inside paint shoots,post shoots, ft and 3pointers. Kd gets that status respectfully.

  35. Two of Mike Breen's most famous calls involve the Warriors and start with "Rebound taken by Iguodala"

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