The Horrifying Extraction Shooter You've Never Played - Beautiful Light -

The Horrifying Extraction Shooter You’ve Never Played – Beautiful Light

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1:18 First Round
19:40 Second Round
36:50 Feedback and Thonks


  1. I would love to see the devs lean into making more NPC enemy varieties, and having some boss/mini boss enemies

    The gun play is sick and can’t wait to see the less bullet spammy engagements

  2. Very cool and interesting, the game needs allot of polish work, the indoors look bland and boring no details, same with the monsters, if they can upgrade the graphics and put more work and detail in level design and monster design i might actually get this, i'm gettin bored with Hunt showdown xd

  3. Bruh I hate when dudes be covered in fleas and get all transmogrified! Makes a brutha grab the M4 and cap fools in they ass

  4. Looks good. Yeah details is everything. And what makes MW3 is the movements of the avatar. The more real the better. I have seen the other pvp games but they lack the MWZONE movement.

  5. I love the game by the way it looks I hope I get to play it!!

  6. Arm bands or even better, colored glow sticks to denote teammates would be an awesome addition!

  7. the holy cookie!? lmao i think biblically accurate ina would love this game xD

  8. This game looks like it has serious potential. It's obviously in a pretty early state right now, but even still, it seems like it has a solid base for being an awesome SCP:SL-Tarkov crossover style game. I can't wait for this to really come into its own and hopefully gain traction.

  9. I hope there’s player customization. Also to fix the atmosphere during the day they could go off of the scene transitions from the new trailer, where during the day there can be a warmer apocalyptic feel while during the night it can be a cooler apocalyptic feel, or vice versa if that makes sense

  10. I am awestruck by how beautiful this game is.

  11. This game is definetly promising a lot, that's for sure.
    It's better to not get hyped- it does feel iffy if it's gonna deliver. In adition I am kinda sus on where the game comes from, this dev build really reminds me in some way of Dead Matter.
    But out of all of these- the promises of this game is what makes me susupicious

  12. i think it would be cool if this game had a annomly customizer and you could enter any lobby at any time as one and you would get a bunch of random objectives maybe sometimes it might be go spook x or kill x annomlys or kill x player

    maybe something like warp time eta eta

    sorta for players like myself who like to rp n have fun while also having your normal operators

    the anomlys could have a skill tree maybe one skill being mimic so you could look like the operators but when you get close you can tell its not the real person

    or nest where you can form a nest that spawns a random mob type from spiders to wolfs

  13. This looks the tits, can't wait to add it to my extraction collection. Currently it's Marauders, Hunt, Tarkov and Shatterline

  14. Great game, I just don't like the horror theme…

  15. Like the look of the game, I wanna buy it so bad.

  16. I gotta say from what I saw, this game looks promising. When I saw the design and ambiance potential of the forest and the lab area, I immediately wanted to play this game.

  17. Wish Tarkov had the same walking/running sounds. These surface sounds are are so much better.
    Also love how dark is actually dark. Outside is still bit too bright for a night.
    Supernatural ain't really my cup of tea, but this map is amazing.

  18. gunfight in the woods at night is such a vibe

  19. Man tourn on your night vision goggles we cant see anything

  20. Imagine them aplying procedural generated maps with all the detail they have going on. That would make this game fucking insane and replayable for PvP and PvE

  21. The map design is what Tarkov is trying to do for the last 3-4 years, reminds me of parts of Woods and Labs together.

  22. bro the sound quality holy shit- that’s some immersive audio

  23. Enemies are lame looks like guy just used existing assets from an engine and compiled them together hence weird mexican paper mache alien looking enemies with terrible animations

  24. looks good but i think they need to make the AI zombies more threatening otherwise they're just a joke.

  25. Imagine if they make the monster even bigger and like a xenomorph

  26. I really hope this is local multi-player, my son so badly wants to play games like these together but the new trend making games online multi-player only makes it impossible and always really disappoints him. Miss the old days when you could just sit down and play games with people around you

  27. We need more games similar to Tarkov, but better and with no russian developers! Game look nice, good luck guys!)

  28. very action movie! I save it in my favourite gameplay movies!keep doing good job!

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