The Horrifying Tactical SCP Shooter You've Been Missing - SCP 5K -

The Horrifying Tactical SCP Shooter You’ve Been Missing – SCP 5K

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Thanks to @CusterPlays @toumuchclutch9980 and @ItsAvyy for joining me in this ep 🙂
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  1. Could you like… stop pushing games that are BARELY playable pre-alphas?

  2. Starting laughing when he said ak74 its ak47

  3. I wish there was a way to implement a blink mechanic in a way that doesn't black the screen out every ten seconds like some SCP games. I think having to keep your eyes on 173 though is easily as good for what kind of technology we're playing games with now. Imagine the future when you're in the VR chamber, and you actually blink 😵

  4. This looks awesome! I'll have to check this game out during the soon-to-be spooky season!

  5. What is MTF and what does an MTF operator do ? Please excuse the fact that I don't know this stuff yet…

  6. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned it but when you encounter those metal detectors, you can shoot it and when the light on it goes out, it won’t make any noise when you walk through it

    Also 50:08
    “Remember, no SCP”

  7. How the hell did he know what pc case that was…

  8. John Wick four was actually pretty good movie to be honest I watched

  9. Lmao five seven is 3k that’s why he’s a SIG guy

  10. let's hope this game comes out on pley and xbox like secret lab

  11. Scp 5k but you are zeta-19," Remember, no Russian"

  12. I’ve been a fan of SCP since around 2014 and seeing this game fills me with so much happiness. I am absolutely buying this game next paycheck

  13. Despite the SCP universe not existing, the creatures and monsters that come from this universe are horrifying and Ive gotten literal heart attacks (this is a joke) just from seeing some of them. Even hearing a little bit about the fandom you'll be led down a very large and deep rabbit hole of lore and creatures. Despite most of them being dangerous, they usually have ways to combat them, and not all are bad. But the most daunting, dreadful and scariest SCP (in my opinion) is the one named "times up" I really hate it because it is TERRIFYING, the amount of dread you feel just knowing and thinking about it is INSANE. If you want to know what it is, hold that thought, and throw it out the window. Because even knowing what it looks like is going to make you wish that you never knew what it was. Looking at it when I was a kid scared the absolute HELL out of me, i went from being joyful to having the worst day of my life. No matter how grotesque or terrifying something may be, the amount of dread and scariness this things brings is MASSIVE. I literally cannot describe how Terrifying it truly is. Please dont look at it, and if you do, dont say i didnt warn you

  14. So the scps in order i think.

    We have:

    The crabs

  15. Tacticool Shooter themed SCP games are always so dull nowadays. I want a anomaly management sim (ala Lobotomy Corporation) where you get to play a Site manager, would be fun to change the scene for a bit.

  16. in the memorial room I sall the name “garlic bread”

  17. I got this game because of this video and best purchase of my life

  18. It pains me when people say they never got to experience peak halo 3

  19. I recently Streamed this game, I avoided all gameplays and clips so i have a full first time experience with it. I spent approximately 7-8 Hours TOTAL from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2 and I fell in love with it. It gave me Ready or Not vibes with the how the weapons worked and being able to preview how much ammo you had in that current magazine was an awesome little detail. The game was so good I played it a second time but finished it earlier than I did before since I knew what to expect. I found it rough to play it without dying, but with friends it makes it easier to get through.

  20. They should make like an X-Com game: like a F.E.A.R tactical group responding to UFO / Paranormal activity = upgrade gear, weapons as you capture their weapons and live aliens etc.

  21. its fun when you try to be all tacticool and shit and yet know utterly nothing about it

  22. SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROTOCALS have been activated. Est.1993 adm rip eazy company

  23. Should be a couple turn and a long corridor

  24. I love the fact that when your character is done shooting he takes his finger off the trigger.

  25. They start off killing 096 baby's basically

  26. I got this on sale las night and had a blast, very fun game

  27. So who are the AFA and why never heard of them in the scp

  28. Clear, clear. NOT CLEAR! NOT CLEAR!!
    Gods, the vibes in this game are amazing.

  29. Why they put a dead body at a same position


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