The most INTENSE VR shooter you've ever played... // The BEST VR SHOOTOUT experience -

The most INTENSE VR shooter you’ve ever played… // The BEST VR SHOOTOUT experience

Beardo Benjo
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This Half Life Alyx mod is still one of the most intense VR experiences to date and it’s absolutely FREE, if you want the best VR shootout then you need to download Gunman Contracts (1 & 2) right now… There aren’t many VR games that truly capture the feeling of a flatscreen FPS campaign shooter or a shootout in a high budget action movie but Gunman Contracts VR does it with ease, the tension of pushing through these locations creates a true John Wick VR gameplay loop that leaves you feeling like an absolute badass. If you want incredible VR gun play and some of the best VR shooter action out there then check out Gunman Contracts VR, hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer for chapter 3!

The Gunman Contracts mod is broken down into two chapters so far and the footage in todays video was captured entirely from Gunman Contracts chapter 1 running on an Oculus Quest 2 via airlink. To access this content all you need is a VR capable PC, a copy of Half Life Alyx and then a VR headset of your choice, the game looked and ran beautifully on my Oculus Quest 2 with airlink but this will be dependant on your network environment.

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  1. But why are you aiming at the ground when trying to kill enemies

  2. half life è sempre una finestra sul futuro!!!!

  3. That pan as a shield😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. I only have the level in the museum with freedom of movement. what am I doing wrong?

  5. What's the games proper name… wanna search for it and purchase it

  6. The AI needs improving but other than that it looks great.

  7. the developers are working on gunman contracts standalone already its already on steam for wishlisting

  8. Looks good just wish they would prefire as well and team up against you

  9. Amazing!!! Just bought Quest3! How do you install this mod?

  10. I definitely need to try this :). Awesome vid

  11. Now imagine if they didn't yell before shooting you

  12. This mod lack just 2 things:
    – Better AI (they're way slower than alyx soldiers),
    – and 1-2 checkpoint saves per mission. Getting killed at the evac point and restarting all over after 30min of gameplay is not really nice.


  14. Edit: It’s online and free plus app lab go get it

  15. if the enemy ai would even attempt to evade or duck or crouch or roam instead of posing like standing ducks that would be welcome 😊

  16. I want to see are so bad that I can play that game

  17. How do I get this game on my oculus 2? How do I found out about airlink?

  18. beardo, i searched it up on meta quest 2 but it doesnt show up

  19. Beardo, how did you manage to emulate Ricky Gervais's laugh so well – and often his wit !?

  20. just to be clear, I know the mod is free, but do you need to own Alyx to have access to it ?

  21. This guys reactions were priceless. It explains why the English cant have guns. 😀

  22. Looks amazing but I wish the Ragdoll were more realistic then this would be a new favorite

  23. how do you hold your gun with both hands without your controllers hitting eachother?

  24. do i need pcVR? or can i find it on vr

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