The Most Realistic FPS Setup -

The Most Realistic FPS Setup

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  1. Bros getting ready for some war soon.💀

  2. Bruh I can get a more realistic one for free in Ukraine for free rn 🇺🇦

  3. Now honestly idk why you’d want to do this other than pure boredom, but let him have his fun ig

  4. Your mom at 3am wondering why she is hearing so much banging coming from your room:

  5. Bro play doom with that and you just keep flying with the shot gun

  6. For those who don't know hos channel name in Tin and Jar.

  7. Bro Using The Sniper:

    Like He Got Shot In Real Life💀

  8. no one wants to talk about the creator of this?

  9. I can't stop laughing when he got thrown 💀

  10. If his shoulder doesn't get out of place he's a machine 😅

  11. It may be realistic but it isnt worth buying 5 monitors

  12. Bro imagine tryna no scope with awp when ur flyin 10 ft away from ur setup

  13. i am very frustrated after seeing this people doing illogical thing espacilly in pc

  14. What if ge fires from an rpg ,does hus hand just fall off or something 💀

  15. This guy took more action to a whole new lvl

  16. Make those rounds count your gonna feel every shot

  17. Ah yes realising if only the bomb was real 💀

  18. Jack let his dog loose and the cheetah had a meal says:

    Rip monitor

  19. Bro got send to the Shadow realm not kidding 💀

  20. Yeah the most realistic but you can only use it one time until you get a new monitor.

  21. “Boys I’m bouta snipe the last guy!” Flys backward *

  22. Its all fun and games until he starts planting the bomb

  23. Imagine your mom just walks in your room and you just get launched.

  24. Bro fires a rocket launcher and its over💀

  25. Bro is blaming Ronaldo and he's playing ._.

  26. "bro why were you just standing there"
    "bro i flew out of my chair"💀💀💀

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