The Most Realistic Game You Can Actually Play... -

The Most Realistic Game You Can Actually Play…

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Unrecord is a single-player FPS that has taken the internet by storm and tells the story of a tactical police officer from the perspective of his body camera… But it’s not the only realistic SWAT game out there and here’s one that you can actually play right now! Leave a like if you enjoy the video and subscribe for more. Thanks for watching!

Ready or Not BODY CAM Mod:


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▶ The Most Realistic Game You Can Actually Play


  1. great looking vid. are you using any ai mods in this or in general?

  2. lol not even close the lighting on the other one is superb and makes all the difference

  3. Tired of shooters and blurry faces kills the Emerson

  4. It really doesn’t even look better than MW2 2022 Campaign

  5. Put the game name in the title. Stop the clickbait trash

  6. Finally the first person I see not just shooting everthing they see nice to see some realistic game play on RON for once

  7. Ready or Not does not come anywhere near Unrecord.

  8. First couple of minutes were very, very FPS. I'm more into squad work. ("Fireteam", to be precise.) Game works that way as well?

  9. Close.. But I think GTA IV mod remake is unnervingly a bit better.

  10. Hey, great video!!
    But I was wondering what's your graphics settings?

    Because when I installed the mod it lowers my fps from 100ish to 60ish fps 😢

  11. With mod still doesent look no were near as good as unrecorded

  12. i just seen a YouTube add with this game, and it said play for free it was a YouTube add is this game out now??

  13. ‏‪10:54‬‏ did bro just smack him "i love your cut g"

  14. You didn't have to tie up the civilians 🤦🏻

  15. Nothing Special its like Condemned Graphics then high res hands and pistol with a little shake. Ive seen my friend play it, its extremely arcadey and highly unrealistic. Building clearing is one of the most dangerous things you can do if you're an ENTRY TEAM you're not going to be doing that alone. "The most Realistic" is not the right title.

  16. I Can't be the only one kind of bummed there wasn't a commentary 😂

  17. Well yessss this game looks way to realsticto were you can confuse to to atual camera footage but one thing i noticed ia it has a plasticy look simailr to what i can compared to cod cold war not a soft realistic look if i can compared it to cod mw2019

  18. RoN is good – but i really wish they had dedicated server lobbys similar to Ground Branch – bc when i played swat 4 that was how u knew where to go for tactical coop, too many run n gun mfs play this and dont play tactically together 99 percent of the time..i think RoN is off to a good start finally it took a while to get here…but it needs more imo to take it to the next lvl…lotta glitchy base maps/some maps are either way too easy or just way too hard, but idk lets see where it goes

  19. I used to love Swat4 and this is just as good, I had a squad that played it but its been awhile.

  20. The start was really real, but it looked more fake as the video progressed.l

  21. I have not yet seen any VR games that have the photo-realistic quality of this. Does anyone know of any VR games that are at this level?

  22. The most realistic moment is when the character shoots a guy and then asks the corpse to surrender.

  23. Game must be pretty hard. What are you supposed to do as a player when the cop turns his body camera off and has to stop someone from "resisting"?

  24. A GAME should look like a game, realistic yes but like a game!!! And just because it looks photo-realistic does not make it any more legit or better. There is nothing destructible, nothing moving no life in this environment…

  25. This is ready or not not unrecord but imo its the next best thing still in early access and updates are not frequent nor are there many players

  26. eh idk. its not similar imo it still just looks like ready or not with harsh vignetting rather than proper bodycam vibes. better can be accomplished

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