The Most Realistic Multiplayer Shooter of ALL TIME -

The Most Realistic Multiplayer Shooter of ALL TIME

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#SixDaysinFallujah #Gameplay #Reveal


  1. if this game has multiplayer i will never put it down they should also customization for your gear that would be great

  2. ps5 and xbox series games are becoming more realistic, how much more when they use VR + AR

  3. I served in fallujaha in may of 2003, 3rd infantry division

  4. Really interesting. As a person who loves tactical team gameplay (shout out to SAS from Raven Shield), I'm eager to see what's coming out of this. And the fact this game is based on real life events just makes it even better.

    We need more games like this & the previous CoD for sure !

  5. I was thinking I would find this stuff in Ready or Not (an upcoming SWAT game). This just looks incredible.

  6. Another propaganda from terrorist america

  7. Rich take the oil, Americans take 🖕🖕🖕

  8. Wasn't this supposed to come out in like 2011

  9. It will not be a multiplayer game but it mite be co-op

  10. Finally games that are realistic are becoming more popular. I can't stand arcady games like COD.

  11. This game is talking about the biggest lose of US army I saw it in my city …Fallujah is my city and it is a cemetery for this army.. Fallujah did not accept debasement

  12. im waiting for a game that has super realistic sniping and other stuff. and when i say realistic sniping you need to pull the trigger slow so your gun does go off target at 1000 meters

  13. I feel like people are gonna find methods where they just speed through everything

  14. Btw people want to cancel this game lmfao

  15. Call of duty modern warfare had Best graphic

  16. Check out Squad. Which is a simulation multiplayer, and squad ww2.. I think you’ll be impressed

  17. Ahh… Finally I can get a toaster for free❤️❤️👍

  18. Most realistic is well imposibal for this game tarkov have the crown of being to most realistic game ever and ther is insergancy sandstorm wich is kinda the same from what we have seen and ur reaction when they get shot at like what is that if somthing like this in a trailer most wold just Think oh cool and not OMG they are geting shot at

  19. Definitely not the most realistic, but indeed realistic nonetheless

  20. I hope this game is for all platforms cause consoles need some realistic war games not no alien gun with acid bullets

  21. Recoil is low, enemies are running and walking across the streets in the open field, muzzle flash is so huge, there's no such muzzle flash in the real-life.
    Everybody will be hiding in the buildings and in the corners, which makes the situation much harder. I bet you can't simply walk into the house with armed opponents and expect things to go well.
    Nothing is realistic in this game.

    At 10:15 you can see the bs. You'll get instantly killed in a real-life if you ever manage to do such a thing.

  22. I think us army folk will really like something like this .

  23. I'm starting to be convinced that Americans invade other countries so they can make more video games.

  24. I hope they still release this game with everything happening rn

  25. Major Chills with his story with gameplay

  26. This game have to be amazing in multiplayer with 100 felas like squad.

  27. I’m in the field rn just watching some games that i would love to play once i get home. May the Lord guide me.

  28. Lol I could already see 15 year olds taking this game serious asf

  29. A mobile ge used the gameplay parts of the trailer for their game it isnt even close to this

  30. Time to put squad in 2nd in my wishlist

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